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Hey The Name's Andrew, Most people refer to me as Alpha. I've been on sj for about uhh 4 years now (approx.) I've been spriting for 8 months on and off (because I'd take a break for personal reasons.)

My Sister here is Niv, (A.k.a. Shard or Kat) she's my twin, we share the same birthday December 3, 1992.

So yeah that's basicly me on here if you want to know about me in real life (unless your one of my friends or Raine) your a pedo :3, okay thanks now, get the hell out of my profile.

Also, Follow me on twitter to find out when my next updates are.
There seems to be too much bouncing and it needs to have a smoother pace.
Bitches best be Knowning I'm the A to the L to the PH to the A of this crew.
why so badly shaded?
its because there's no rivets in his pants so they look flat.
I'm sorry that I have a life.
he got it taylored.
Sorry I've been busy
Work's a hassle, mom is going through Kemo, seeing about moving out.

pdn crashed twice So I said fuck it i'm getting photoshop, got cs2 but I'm still figuring it out, here's more crappily mouse drawn stuff seeing as pdn crashed the good file -_-, anyways part 2 should be within the next 2-3 days depending on when I get down time to draw.
might have to post tomorrow, swamped with work
I don't know if they weighed the same as a duck, he just kinda lit them on fire.
He's not a witch though :c

but he's getting burnt by the Knight who plays Wii.

/monty python references up the butt.
Yeah I am, place is beautiful.

Also no idea, just someone he thought was a witch.

edit: Blixx if I sneak into the lake the rangers will kick my family out.
So yeah I'm camping right now in Yosemite National Park, I probably won't be back until the 6th, hopefully i'll get more sprites done so that I can throw a sheet up on sj.
>the sprite should be centered in between the wings its leaning to the left so much it looks like there glued on and not natural
Just like how you and Bea are in Denial right? :3~
why does pg ruin everything ugh.
WHO puts a tardis in there house?
if you know my and Neroe's history well enough we didn't usually get along in the past, so yes he would~