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November 30th, 2014
White Day is for girls to give boys chocolate. ;) it's a month after Valentines Day (March 14th).. my daughter's birthday.. XD Cute tho. :) I like your art, and the story is adorable.
Yuki, you're so good at this.. x3 when I'm bored I read this comic, it's so amusing.. xD I want more~~ x3
October 16th, 2010
So cute... XD <3
October 16th, 2010
Hahahaha~ XD
"Then shut up and eat your noodles, Poopy!" XD
I just discovered this comic, and noticed the last page was added Dec. 2008, and it's 2010, so um... I like it alot, please update.. XD <3 It's super cute. :3
they're so cute. :DDD
4:20 pm
LOL~ I know a Peter.. xD We get rides from him sometimes.. xD he's interesting~
poor thing...

lol, there's the guy from Avatar in the crowd... xD
added 'bubbles' and stuff..
Hope you like it~
it took a while, and i bet the colors are wrong, but... yeah... ._.
I colored it for you...

hope you like it.. >.<;;
Ah luffs dis one~
I get to see awesome headphones, some chest, AND scenery~ lol. Nice~ :] and you have better handwriting than me.. xD
February 7th, 2009
Aww~ this is so cute~~ Love it~ :'D
My guess is.. since there's a Rabbit.. maybe it's like Alice in Wonderland? then black-hair-dude would be the Cheshire Cat. :3 since he can go "poof". Makes sense, right? xD
LOL. Poor guy...
she needs to brush up on those cooking skills! xD
Lol, I suspected Eiji-kun likes her! >3
Looks like I was right! xDDD <333
Love this comic, btw~ The art style is the same as the style of Haruka Fukushima. It's so totally cute~ and I know being original with your art style is pretty hard from my own experience, but it's okay, I really like this. =)
So CUTE!!! ^^
So CUTE!!! ^^ What program do you use for your pictures?