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attempts to make a BL comic....*sigh*

ffff this is so pro xD and only like two pages but its awesome 8D
My elf Forbesii needs his bow to be repaired. He doesn't have alot of money so he goes to Tir and has Ferghus repair it.

Ferghus fails and Forbesii has no more money to even buy a new one since Ferghus broke his only bow LOL
HUHUHU this is so cuteeee ;w; <33333 I love it D8<<<<<
lovely lovely <3
ty galar lmao that bear is on CRACK
no prob 8D wish my comic was this cool HAHA <33333333
oooooh this is cool 8D
character: Kazzuhiko
Pet: Shigeruu

When playing you can tell your pet a command, In this case I told him to aggro! to be aggressive so that he would attack the bear.

Because of his Pet A.I., he decided to pick up some gold instead of save me -_- damn greedy dog! (but i rly love you shigeruu ;3; )
Thats so cute xD i luv the chikies!
LOVELY! <33333 your comic is pwnage D: