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Likes: music, drawing, writing, reading, foreign languages, the Nordic countries
Dislikes: immaturity, your/you're mixups
Time to unleash your inner exterminator, Dragonthing!
Knowing George, she'll totally forget about the fact that he brushed her off and obsess over the fact that, yes, Brent did save her! :O
Alright Dragonthing, now's your chance! Pity party! Puppy eyes!
I bet Inori's dreaming some sexy dreams right about now. :3
I only wish Kae were in them. D:
In panel four Darryn reminds me of a Disney prince. ♥
Just get those pants to slide a liiiittle farther down....

Kae looks so sweet in this page. ♥
September 19th, 2011
Yay for an Assassin's Creed question! Nice job, Question Duck!
It sucks to be broke. I really wish I could buy a copy. ;.;
Okie doke! Hope everything goes according to plan, and the code-monsters don't wreck havoc. :D
I'm melting in the cuteness... Can't wait for more cuteness! x3
Oh dear, what ever happened to the mouse-over tidbits? I was thoroughly enjoying those. Kudos to the new layout though. A+!
Ooo, I'm a nun. Fear me. Rawr.
Those sandwiches are out to get you. They want to take over the world.
It's like watching a soap opera and missing the most dramatic scene! *gasp!*
You know, the scene where- No, you don't know Ursule, you were too busy chiseling away. D:
Aww, he's adorable! The.. little guy... not the fat one. x3
I love the concubines, too. They don't seem to like the princess as much as he does though. Maybe they feel like that girl's encroaching on their turf!
I really, really loved Cloe. It's been one of my favorites, and I know I'm going to be reading it again and again. I love your story-telling, you really kept it consistent throughout the four long years (what a feat!). I'm sad that it's ending, but I think it ended well as it did (I love cliffhangers!.. sorta).
You're characters were wonderful. I loved Henry and Richard, those two were my not-so-guilty pleasure. Those two and Lawrence and Edmund made the comic for me!
My favorite chapter was the Richard and Henry one, of course. Plus everything with Lawrence and Edmund. ;3
I do wish you luck with your future comics, I will definitely read them! Especially if you do something more with Henry and Richard's story, even if it is sad. ;D
(Should you ever print Cloe, I'll be one of the first to buy! <3)
Well I certainly like Melody's idea. C'mon Ed, don't be a selfish brat just this once. She does have a point! I just hope she finds her Liam on one of her world adventures. :3
Atty, don't you think Dragonthing would enjoy some ear medicine too? Sharing is caring!
Somebody reeeally doesn't like the princess. D:
What better punishment could there be? <3

I'm happy the way it turned out. Fit the story perfectly! :D
Oh noo! He's not going to eat it, the selfish b- I mean... Aww, he smiled! :D