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I like-a ze women
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I guess Mega Man can have his power, or in this case, "identity" stolen by, er himself? But only when he's powered down, which makes sense, since he does need to defeat the Robot Masters to get their powers. And obviously Quint wouldn't want to power down Mega Man by himself, lest he risk screwing up and causing a horrible paradox.
I read through the entire bob and george archive and it made me all nostalgic what can I say

to be honest that comic is not as great as I once thought but eh it still has a place in my heart
back in aught 2005 we didn't have no stinkin fukin author comics

oh wait yeah we did never mind carry on
In all honesty I think the best part of this comic is the title.

Also, I'm back or something. :I
I updated, but don't expect this to become a regular thing.
you guys need to teach me how to be funny comic guy too :(
pianist is a funny word
A comic about mega man in a band?

I've been waiting for this all my life!

I'm growing weary of the same background that all of these author comics use

new background plz
I don't think the one before this counts as a comic
yay for making ridiculous plots and then forgetting about them over the course of several months o/

except I didn't forget my plot I'm just taking almost a year now because I am a bum
whoever made the expanded roll sheet deserves a gazillion dollars
isn't 500 guest comics a bit much
I think my stoner friend austin talked about jam once so I made a comic dedicated to him

not a stoner friend in the sense that I am a stoner and get stoned with him, mind you

he is just my friend who smokes marijuana from time to time

I am neither for it nor against it

but please do not assume I engage in such acts
this comic is jesus
I don't like how so many of these sprite archive comics have so many fans. But I guess it makes sense so whatever.
I don't remember this from Bob and George..

I do remember seeing this in one of those How to Make Comics books by Scott McCloud. And Pearls Before Swine. It's always a great gag.
If you read my comic you are awesome person