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I'm nineteen and a complete lover of (almost) all things anime/manga. I enjoy drawing in the manga style and I'm kinda sorta hoping that one day I can get one of my story ideas published. That's more just a dream though. That and writing a series of novels.

I'm going to school to become a 3D animator. Pixar here I come!

My interests lie in romantic, fantasy or purely modern stories. I like tragic characters that make it to happiness in the end. I hope you can stand the emoness. Also, if you're not a fan of shounen-ai, yaoi, then you probably shouldn't read my comics. OAO
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@Nyun-ya: I like to keep people guessing. X3

I was struggling with motivation for a little while there but I'm in a much better place now. I have a lot of big plans for this comic and I hope you'll continue to enjoy where it goes. :3
@princess_lom: It's on the way!
@Riaya: Sorry I've been missing for so long!
Two more pages of this chapter. Feels like I've been working on it for a looooong time.
September 21st, 2016
Low on funds, so still no ink for shading. ^_^;;
September 9th, 2016
@Riaya: A lot for him to take in.
September 7th, 2016
I am need of some refills for my copic markers so just the line art for now, I'm afraid.
@JunnGerl: Thank you. It was very difficult losing them both so close together. He was survived by his brother Milo, who has been very patient with all the extra cuddles he's had to receive being the only remaining cat.
@JunnGerl: Ah yes, she is irreplaceable. I've never felt any sort of presence from her, but sometimes I dream about her and I feel comforted. :)
Oh hey, look...a page. >_>;;;
Well these just keep taking longer and longer, don't they? I'm not dead though!
November 24th, 2015
Sorry for the unannounced disappearance. I took some time to put together a proposal for Filthy Figments. I had an idea for a one shot about a countess and her maid. Unfortunately it didn't make the cut but if there's any interest maybe I'll draw it out and post it as a bonus chapter for cambion.
Remember when Cambion used to update every Friday? @_@ I miss those days.
Back from the con and back to work! :O
@pretty jodye flacko: Methinks he is planning to see what other skills she might have at her disposal.
September 16th, 2015
I for one am glad to see you return. I certainly understand the busy schedule messing with your updates and while I look forward to more pages, I'll be happy with whenever you're able to update. No rush. Do what you need to do. X)
@CX1989XC: Aaw. :hugs: I'll be back before you know it.
Perhaps this is an overdo announcement but Cambion is currently on hiatus while I prepare to attend Anime Weekend Atlanta.

Updates should resume in October once I've gotten all this work on my costumes completed.

Let me know if you're attending! I plan to dress as Richard from Tales of Graces and either Ruby or Sapphire from Steven Universe.
Short hair!! D: