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Dead Romantic
I'm pretty much a contradiction.
I'm a lesbian who loves yaoi/BL. [Along with yuri, but that's beside the point.]

I guess I'm pretty cool. :3
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It is nice to have a little plot with smut. xD. It's nice to have a change of pace every now and again! Sometimes 'plot' in yaoi gets so repetitive it's just like... you can predict everything. One of the many reasons why I like yours. :D

Hahaha, yeah! I always have the same issue with darker skin tones... They're a bitch and a half to get right. xD This page's looks a lot better. :D
Exactly! Pft, who needs plot when you have man-sex?
Ahahaha~~ //shot/
Sad thing is, most people wouldn't care if you got rid of plot entirely. xD But I love the plot you've got going here, even if it denies us man-love.

And also, I think it was stupid of him to leave Iram behind... and is it just me or does his skin just look a tad grey? :0 Maybe it's just me...
The side view is.... Interesting. Haven't seen that before. xD Took me a second to figure out what exactly was happening.

<3 Amazing stuff, as usual~

[[Chain is sexy with he's like this. xD.]]
Ya'know, I agree with you. I'm all for constructive criticism when, as long as it remains just that. Which means you'll be able to take that criticism and grow from it. I personally LOVE your style, and we all weren't fantastic artists all our lives. We had to grow and learn from out mistakes. And you did just that.
I know! THink of how happy everyone would be if he just admitted it. //pats Iram/ He's so mean to us. =w=;

HOHOHO. He needs to take care of something else? =w=b. Maybe Iram should help yo-- //shot/
I'd go with unlucky. xD
We all know that everyone wants Iram to get molested. But it wouldn't be molestation, because we'd also all know that he'd want it. =w=b.

Pink? Pink glow? Is this feelings arising?
SJ hates yaoi? Dude... With out yaoi, this site would be nothing. xD.
95% of the comics on here are yaoi.
Head touch > Hug > Kiss? > ??? > Profit! :D

Awwwwwh. This is too cute... I swear that Iram is just trying to get molested here. If /I/ did anything like that around my friends I'd get molested in a nanosecond... owo.

A wild Eric as appeared!
-Eric uses attract
Trainer Ariel uses Mast-- I mean, Marriage Ball!
Popped your cherry?
"An ass with a sandwich"

There... is so much win in this page. ;-; I love you sometimes, ohmygosh.
What a COCK tease.

...I am loving where this conversation is going.

Why don't you show hi-- //shot/
Has Cascavel always been missing half her ear? :0
//giggles like a school girl/
Ohmigosh. <333
Call him that againnnnnnnn~
Have I mentioned how much I love this comic?
It needs more love. D:>
These two.
I love them so much.
//coughs softly and continues to drool/
Gosh... That last panel. o////o
I dunno why but... DAMN.
That does it for me. xD
Leather pants~!? :D
Only Mika... xD