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pokey lover
pokemonz awsome
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I just realized,I helped digi reach this goal with my request.
I'll save you!
Slithers:\ /
. .
Nvm,His leer is caring me,*eaten anyway*
No,I think HR was watching to many perverted animed,smoked YOUR weed, or is high from riding slither to much.
Can someone give me comic posting permissions?
True,Whoever would do that,Must of been drunk or have no life.Could've been a really big supermario fan.
Oh my,Shaymin sky form?
oh,nvm.Have you guys been looking at comic lately?I posted something cool in a comment.
a good wow,Oh POC you know about poke-mutates-r-us right?
I think I see a roxas looking sonic character.
I'm too lazy~~~~~~~~
I might never finish the chao sprites.Anyway heres Shayvee a pokemon mix I made to join a comic.
Heres my cutom Shayvee!
The original.
Here It is,Since you sometimes make little pokeballs that look like pokemonn,I would to take a chance at custom spriting some of the mutations,you may ask why,well its because millions of people might want sprites of a pokemon but don't want to make it.I should know I was one of them.I will try out this pokemon and see what it looks like.
Oh my............This is just wrong!