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September 15th, 2009
oh my oh my
jeez pika anger management much
September 14th, 2009
Just had to say
your art is amazing
I feel you Ren
I understand the lack of on cell phones. I HATE THAT SHIT!
oh shit
theres about to be a pokemon fight
love it
woah woah
He Said Close the door bitch

sorry i had too
he looks so board
oh well poor cain lost his body. THAT WHAT YOU GET ASSHOLE!
i'm too poor to donate anything but i love you
oh shit... he gets the reward for worst timeing ever
yes it is hott very hott *drool* tattoo...
that tattoo is gonna kill me.
tattoo! god its so sweet!
Is that a tattoo Ohh the fetish
oh and thoes must be the panties he was talking about. Pfft!
Pfft I pissed myself a little
oh the finger in the mouth again. why is that so hott?
I have recently found i have a tattoo fetish and this only made it worse
I agree compleatly. I'm confused as to why i think its hott