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Greetings traveler!

My name is Pegeen SC, but you can usually find me around the internet as kaiyaweird.

I call myself an artist and comicker, meaning I love to make art and tell stories! I mostly work with acrylic paint, pencil and ink, and video. And occasionally I dabble in other things. I fell in love with manga at a young age, which is what led me to realize that art is my life and I want to tell stories with it. My dream is to tell stories that move reader’s hearts and takes them on an adventure.

When I’m not doing art or other adulting things, I’m probably reading, listening to music, playing with or cuddling my sweet doggy, playing video games, or going on adventures with the love of my life (;-3).

I’m happy to talk to people, so drop me a message if you’re so inclined. ; ]
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Just finished reading the archive. Love this comic! I love the muted colors and gentle lines. Can't wait to read more!
I just got through reading all of your comic, and may I say, its amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed it. And was disappointed when I realized I'd reached the end of the updates. Will be eagerly waiting for more!
Just a teaser of sorts
This is just a few sketches of the of the main character of my new series, MidgardSormen. I have more character sketches uploaded on my DA which you can see here:

* * *
Name: Sahralin Anders
Age: 25 (or there abouts)
Likes: smoking, drinking, cheesecake
Dislikes: broccoli, paperwork
My new series
Alright everyone, this is probably one of the last things I'll post on RF. RF readers, meet MidgardSormen, my newest series. Its not quite ready for me to launch, so I have this little advertisement/teaser for you. When MidgardSormen is ready to go up, it will be its own comic, so please look for it. When it goes up I'll leave RF up for a short time after that, and I'll most likely post another ad on RF. After that if you still want to see RF, you can view it on my DA at: I hope you like this pic and it sparks your interest in the new series! Feel free to ask any questions here until Midgard goes up. I'll post replies on THIS page, so check back here if you ask me something.

The characters' names are as follows, from left to right: Vera, Leoth, Sahralin, Arun, and Samal.

Thank you for all the support! It has meant a lot!
Hey, everyone! What do ya know, I'm not dead! My first semester of college happened to me is all. College is crazy. And so is life.

However, the important news I have to share with you is unrelated to that. I've thinking about this for a long time and I've decided that I'm going to take Redeeming Fate down from all of my websites, except Deviant Art. The reason for this is that, the series has a lot of flaws. I've come a long way since I started this comic and I can see that easily now. I can also see how to fix those flaws and I have every intention of doing that. Someday. For now, I'll keep the idea in my head until I feel like redoing the comic. HOWEVER, this is not the last you'll see/hear from me. I have a new series in the works, which is much better (and quite a bit different from RF) and which should hopefully be up in a few months. Until that time I plan to keep RF on my sites because I'll probably be posting news about my new work here until it goes up. I'm sorry if I disappoint anyone and I'll you'll all stick around and check out my new series. Thanks for all the support you gave me in working on RF! ^ ^

EDIT: As suggested by BlackCatz(thankee for it!) I'm putting my link to my DA account here: You can see RF here once its gone from SJ.
I really love this as the last image for the comic. It seems perfectly fitting. And a bit melancholy.
eternalbeliever12: Heh, no worries. I can understand why you would forget. >.<

BlackCatz: No worries. I can understand. >.< Heh, I based her off of a teacher I had. ^ ^

Kandri: Haha, yeah I wouldn't want to either.

Sweet! That sucks about the bug bites. I love dragonflies. Awesome! ^ ^
Ugh Sorry
Yeah, late again. I got busy preparing for school and other things. Hopefully once I'm back on a schedule I'll start updating regularly again. First day of college tomorrow. O_o

IMPORTANT: Let me know if there is absolutely anything on this page you cannot see. Thanks.
Don't get stupid dead.
She looks very grumpy in that dress, haha. It looks good on her though. Are we gonna get to see her in it in the comic?
Me wonders what is about to happen. But seriously, just fumble around on the ground until you find a stick. Not creepy at all in a dark forest. xD
eternalbeliever12: Aw, thankee! Thats not a new person though, tis Nikola.

BlackCatz: Thankee! Thats Nikola though, not a new person. xD

Kandri: Of course I remember you! Welcome back! Was your vacation totally awesome fun?
Aw, thanks very much! ^_^
Holy Crap its started. I meant to upload this last night but smackjeeves was unavailable. I hope this page makes up for the crapiness of the last one. Enjoy! And once again, thank you for all your support.
eternalbeliever12: Haha, whoops. They're fun, but expense, yup. Good luck gettin one. ^ ^

BlackCatz: Thankee!

I hope you enjoy it, ignoring the cover. >.>
Gah! Sorry...
Ergh, so I'm always late these days. I'm sorry everyone. Lately my life has gotten a little unexpectedly crazy so that caused this delay. Its a sorta good craziness I think. But really I'm so sorry that I make you wait and then present you with this craptastical cover. >.< I'll make sure page 1 of this ch. is excellent to try and make up for it. xD Really, I will.

EDIT: Is it just me, or is this page unusually small?
August 9th, 2009
Congrats on 100+ fans! This dude seems cool!
Yay for spare tires. It is cute that he hugs his car, in a sad way.
BlackCatz: Thankee! ^ ^

Yay, I'm glad you think so. I was a fun chapter to draw, all in all.

Oonie: Yeah, me too. ^ ^

Thankee very much! There shall be much more of Nikola next chapter so I hope you shall stick around to see. ^ ^
A good question Alex, but don't you worry. It is on the way. ^ ^ Next chapter shall feature more of this guy, as well as Nikola.

Happy news! At least for me. I got a laptop! Finally! Its name is Bebop (from Cowboy Bebop). What that shall mean for Redeeming Fate remains to be seen. Might not mean anything. The only annoying thing is I no long have the same editing software for pages, and I don't like this new one. Will have to figure out a way to work around it.
Ugh, whoa.