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Howdy! The name's LemurKat and I love anime and manga and cosplaying and drawing and all that funky otaku like stuff! XD

You may find that I'm slightly on the crazy and spontanious side but then...who isn't these days XD. I love most music so long as it has a listenable beat, Macross Frontier is my current obsession...I have many just fyi. I'm having my first costume commisioned XD (Hayate from Hayate no Gotoku in his cat girl outfit >w< )

^^ I'll probably fill in more once I think of it but till then! XD *waves*
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*gigglefit* XD
So...wait...this thing is on this website? This draw and chat thingy D: *wants to join in*

<D Much love....
O3o Can I vote more then once?

*has ballot with Aamon's name on it several times*
I think I ruptured something important DX

*lol'd too hard*
8O Am I the 2nd commenter again~!? Yey! 8D I was second on another fave of mine >w<

Anyway, I think there might be a typo, isn't it supposed to be "clean" not "clan"? I mean it could be "clan" but I'm not sure :O.....just checking ^-^'''
Zadel seem's more...uke for some reason O.O......anywho~

Yey! Second comment~ *feels special* <D

I sorta want to see a mem for Aamon...I love Valentine but I want to know more about Aamon O3o. He's the sexy seme I want to OTP with just about everyone O3o
September 29th, 2009
D: Awww, poor baby....
September 28th, 2009
lolz, snipe :D
I actually believe there's an animal that looks like that =O

It start's with a z or something >< Zarilla or something...I dunno >< I wrote it down so I could comment it but now I can't remember where I put it DX
xD lolz

The Pidgey is toying with him o3o
His angry face made me giggle :3
>x< *tries not to laugh*

*implodes* XD
XD I just lol'd myself XD

lol XD The shirt does not give it away, it just looks like a fold or bend in the shirt.

@H0ly: XD That's ok, I was just double checking XD
Is that a boy or a girl? =w=;; With the braid?
Lucky ;w; I need to get my hands on a tablet ;w;

Hmmm...I kind of like the gray scale :3
*o* Why does Val remind me of Ulquiorra? *o*

-probably because I have Ulqui-chan on the brain XD-

Lovely pages!
Hi, I'm a friend(roommate xD) of Baka_Saru_Chan's and she wanted me to let everyone who was still interested in "Death Is Only The Beginning" that due to some school issues, she can't finish it herself, but she's letting me continue it sense I love the story myself <D.

I'm just letting everyone know ^^ b