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My new profile is now BE Shepard
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@sodium: Thank you, I'm really trying to improve! ^^
@ Chakat and Roebuck: Thanks ^^

Also I'm glad we can all come together over good drinks :)
I'm with Anonymouse on this one. I really don't like beer, I'm more of a vodka girl :)
By popular demand here is a little side story of the events that happened between chapters three and four...yes...that means for most of this chapter our poor heroes are stuck in the buff ^^

I blame you guys...
@ Terra McBass: Never said I was gonna use it in the comic ^^
@ Agent T: "keep your fingers off my bear and you may stay alive" ... I lol'ed at that line! if it's okay with you, i may be borrowing it!

@ Chakat Stripedfur: Thank you ^^
@ FooFee and @ rogue: no dreaming, either
@ seth: no flash back here, this is currently happening
@ GM Seth: very kind words indeed, thank you ^^
Happy New Year everyone!
New Years resolutions anyone?? ^^

Mine: Finish the new, slightly less girly, site design, launch a store where Evon merchandise may be purchased (^^), strive for more commissions (still open ^^), possibly complete a dead tree edition of Volume One by the start of next year (Volume One should be completed by mid to late spring or earlier summer...), and last, but not least, continue to improve my comic and art work.
@ Agent T: Honestly, I haven't the slightest clue. I think it's an error with my web host. Page 168 wasn't suppose to appear until midnight tonight, but for some reason it appeared this morning. I think the web host fixed whatever was wrong that caused updates to go goofy and that's way the page disappeared again...I think....
Ok, nooot sure why the comic decided up update today, according to my schedule it shouldn't have appeared until midnight tonight and according to my stats it's not even up *shrugs* oh well, that's technology for ya...I'll leave the page up, but consider this the Wednesday update :)
@ Chakat: The banner is kinda old and before I really finalized their coloring, the way I'm doing Hero now is slightly less yellow and with brighter eyes :)
@ Gerado: Thank you very much :)

@kendrakirai and Kitsune: Evon's got a pretty big mouth so she might be able to stuff some crow in there too ^^
@ Nine_wolves: no you're not seeing things, I mention that it's a nod to Better Days is a little blurb when you scroll over the page :)
On another note, I promise that when I get around to publishing the dead tree volumes, all typos will be fixed :-D
The phrase is said both ways :)
@ Anonymouse: you are absolutely right....thanks for typo catch :)
Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all that good stuff :)
@ Agent T: Hm, that's strange...i checked the site on my Mac and PC and it looks just fine to me. Is anyone else having this problem?