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I'm anti-social, but cute.
So it all balances out.
An update!?
And another one is coming later tonight! as well as maybe one tomorrow!
and after that we'll see....>.>
I'm was also too lazy to re-write the text but I'll go back and do that later if people find it hard to read... so just let me know...

@crimsoneyes- really? I've only ever actually known of one person with the name Meghan spelled that way!

@Ava_Connie- um, there's no yaoi.
If I ever draw a yaoi comic it'll be to parody the genre.
Color version coming sometime...>.>
I've started it but have yet to finish sooo....
All of the covers I'm doing are associated with songs if you feel like trying to figure out what the song is. this cover is really hard tho...>.>

There is a page posted before this too if you wan't to go back a page...

I have more pages sketched but I want to re-write the rest of chapter 1........>>

also I really hate that book title. and that is what took this page so long to get posted... (also since it did take so long I decided to ink it... don't expect this again.)
This one I ended up re-doing, because I didn't think the first version was concise enough, plus this one has more interesting angles.
modified me a layout.
this page would've been up last night but I got sucked into a stupid ebay bidding war instead...
But I won so that makes everything better! .......... right?.......
Anyway, don't pay any attention to the stupid text on this page. That is seriously the most embarrassing thing for me>///<
Its not important anyway.
ps. the navigation up top doesn't work and I'm not sure why. but the one down bottom does. edit: Problem solved!
I just want to post this before I post the next page really which will be probably one of the worst really...

but seriously I've read worse in YA books from the local library, so I really see no point in actually posting this as a "mature content" comic.
tho I will put up some warnings just because I'm nervous.