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If your a fan of DC universe Comics.
Id appreciate it if you would geek out on it with me.

Unless your a predator . . .

Okay even if your a predator, as long as you have no intention of killing me.

. . .

OKAY FINE, even if you have intentions of killing me.
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It sounds a lot like breeding Pokemon. So sergio has his Hidden ability AND all the right egg moves. Nice
"So are snow globes and precious moment figurines" haha That was pretty great.
When I see a bug I scream. And don't kill because that's even scarier. So I throw it as far as I can. And pray he doesn't come back for revenge.
that cave was ther the whole She shouldve tried just looking for it
lol Shadow likes Amy.
^Oh please. a mature sonic comic? You know what you were going into when you fav'd it. Stop whining. I personally still really enjoy your coic. The sex is not crossing a line at all. The way you go about your comic is realistic. The way sonic and amy spoke to each other, It was real. If you little kids can't handle some nipples then you shouldnt be reading this
^You should read the rest of the comic. Its about love and hardships. And Sex is a very big part in love.
February 10th, 2012
Raal cool comic ya got here.The art style and the way you choose what goes into a panel, You're very good at this. Can't wait to see more!
February 1st, 2012
I wanna know who the international tamers will be.
Idunno. Maybe he's okay

Or yaknow . . . maybe not lol
^ My guess is he's gonna put his cock in her. But Idunno. Maybe I'm wrong lol
"N-no he ate them" Is one of my favorite Digimon quotes

Im so glad you put it in here.
The emotions are so real I like this comic a whole lot.
These are pretty good. I feel like chosing different colors would make the sprites much better. but really I like them alot. Good work
December 7th, 2011
Those are two different
There can be double digimon names.
And recolors are okay too.
I mean There are like 4 different veggiemon look alikes but with different hair and colors.
November 15th, 2011
Seems like im the only one that loves Capybara in the polls. :/
I love those things.
I think Gary or Lance is gonna show up. And be all. "Whoosh wish swash!" And save the day.
hahahaha This joke is just so amazingly perfect. I laughed so hard.
Im seriously not
August 15th, 2011
D: So sad. . . Youre too good at making
Ive gotten teary eyed like 3 or 4 times reading this amazing comic.