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Hi,hi,hi,hi, wait, did i say hi? Oh Well, I like Sonic, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon. My nickname is silver and I was first not Silver that thing!!! Oh, and i'm a sucker for supersmashbrosbrawl.
(If you don't get the moosen thing, watch Brian Cogen: Stupid in School)
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how do you stand with those tiny legs
running faster than a mexican crossing the border made me laugh so much.
Bass has his mouth open all the time in this comic
Luigi's time will come sonic, be scared
Bee as a support character was the worst idea sega ever thought of.
i expect the unexpected, so (unfortunately)sonic will be elimenated by chaos spear or something.
why is team sonic the main focus? what about team mega or team mario.
team mega man is on a roll... when will they stop.
rock(mega man) pulls a face plant
Well, shadow can hit him while he charges.
there in super form so that would only make him lose rings (10 if in his game).
Scary angry voices make people scared.
sure but wait for next chapter please. I'll say that you can pm me your sprites
Isn't that child abuse.
well... there was always a better time