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I'm done.
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I'm baaaaaaaaaack!!
And with an update with SMWC!

Sorry that I've been so long; I've had to deal with school, gaming tournaments, and chores around my house. All of that stress kinda made me forget about comics, so...I didn't update for two months D:

Meh, don't worry. I just released an update to SMWC today, so it'd be nice if you were to go check it out! :D
This comic kind of disapointed me, what with the lack of text and effects :(
Whoa, this art is absolutely gorgeous!

You have been fav'd, my good sir.
I don't get my report card until three weeks from now :P
I kind of liked the new ending panel text. You seem to be pretty adept with PS now. Good job.
I likey the remakes.
Can't wait for the next comics. Nice banner, too. Good job, Derek.
I think you should get a new axel sheet, because that hair is absolutely bad :\
Yay, no more penis jokes! *Thumbs up*

Oh, and "any key" joke = genius.
I expected an immature penis joke from this comic, judging by the previous one...
I mean, after I read the last comic, I was in awe. I can handle a bit of profanity and light sex jokes, but not any childish penis jokes. I mean, the word "Penis" was used six times in the last comic! Seriously, how long did it take for you to write that? If I wanted to hear the word penis being used multiple times in a row, I would've just googled for some porn.

This current comic didn't have as much garbage as the previous one. Please, don't make the mistakes you made in the previous comic EVER again. I really like this comic, and I don't want it to go downhill.
Ha, I chuckled at this comic.
Although I hate Runescape, I love this comic.

You sir, have been fav'd.
Pretty good art. I'll keep an eye on this.

But I have a suggestion for your speech bubbles: try giving them a black border or so. It'll look better.
The fourth panel was good, but I kind of agree with you on the fifth.

Oh, and sorry about my absence lately. My DSL has been a dick, but it's back now. Expect an update on SMWC and SMB3AAH soon.
Try working on your grammar and spelling. And put your text in speech bubbles next time.

And about the authors thing, there are already a bajillion author comics here at SJ. Unless you do something creative with this, I don't think this will be so popular *shrugs* my secret santa going to reveal himself?
Well, since it's the 23rd, I guess I should reveal myself. I made this gift for ya. Happy holidays, twelveOtwelve.
Great effects in this one! Best I've seen so far!
Word bubbles look much better, and the last text in the black panel looks good now.

I see that PS has helped you improve a lot. Bravo.