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HI YA!!! I'm Ann......and i think you are a star :D!!!.....>.>......anyhoos I like do do arts, workout,design costumes, eat, watch anime, read comics, AND PARTEEEEE!!! No seriously if im not busy in the day i go crazy...>.O!! Right now im at an art school preparing to become an illustrator, so comics are a little something i like to do on the side and for myself. SO NOW IM SHARING IT WITH THE WORLD AND YOU ^.^!!
haha must be hard XD
tihs is so sparkly markly ^.^!!
haha hats terrible about this is me and my friends are just like them XD!!
haha the bad par is im sure he could most likely do that XD
this is about the time when id be like "you know what...>.>....^_^;" *runs out of the room*
maybe i just like my fashion >.>... but yes many of the scenes will be taken from real life experiences. also characters will be based off of real people >:D!!! This is my first REALLY obvious one, i hope it'll work, wish me luck :D!!
hi ya bet you cant guess who i am >.>.....I'll give you a extremely clumsy, with terrible luck, and my voice scares guys away ^.^!!