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HAHA! Her deer-caught-in-headlights expression is soooo cute!

Lolololol "NO. (Disgusting man)"

i think you should post up one of your traditional-colored pages so we can see :D
He's irritable 'cuz he hasn't been laid yet.

...I'm kidding D:
Haha! Did you take a newspaper and cutout words and such from different articles? That looks hella awesome! Love it!

And mmyes, mixed media <3
dang....this is so awesome!
That's a pretty woman 8DDD

I love the second-to-last panel. Very simple shot of her hand and the match, and the glow around her fingers looks very ominous!
Woah, you're going for all-colored pages now? And those backgrounds don't look very simple at all! *___*

You've really grown as an artist!
Oh boy! I saw this art, and I was like, heeeyyyheeyhey! This style looks familiar!

And then I saw it was you... :DDD

Can't wait XP
Lol at the "Going out of business sale" sign and the "Now hiring" sign.
Yaaaaaaaay best xmas treat! :]

BTW, I have ***fanart***!!! do I give it to you? :/
What a wonderful Christmas surprise. :]
students attacking nurses?! Craziness!
yay, more marco!
Ohhhh...hey... After like, how many months? I finally get Qiao's name.

It's like.... Qiao3 Ke4 chocolate. Lol. Yea, I'm lame D: