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Does Rex have a hamster poo in his martini?
Rex is the Incorrigible Insect... (sighing with yearning... wait. Isn't there an interspecies problem here?)
Copyediting Geek strikes again!! Can you find the erratum? hee hee
I can't stop sobbing... Rex is MARRIED?!
I'm assuming Desolate R is inside, standing with his head in the punchbowl...
I'm going to post the one I did which explores the wonderful world of Feisty's laughter. She only got a hard copy.
Does an empty Myspace page count? I only got it to check up on my kid's friends (which can tell you something about my demographic)
I am Wendy, but I am unlinkable.
Begging for update
I'm moved to compassion for Puffball. Puffball, right? Not Puff, or Puffy?
DR will live on!! and will rex ever discover what happened to his feelers in panel 4? stay tuned...
rex takes the day again with his blindingly accurate whip-like intelligence.
rex rocks
i'd love to see the bartender's collection of little teeny martini glasses
rex... oh, rex...
i so love rex. is he dating?
at least it wasn't "afternoon delight"
of course we like you. and we like munch's little furry jumping thingie too.
lucille rocks
is the I on IM's chest a tattoo? silkscreened? dyed fur? a shirt? i so want to know...