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Hi, I still exist!
@ FlyingMonkey
Yeah, the original was for NGC, but I bought the NEW PLAY CONTROL! version.
I know the Snow Bulborb & Watery Blowhog are recolours, but they weren't included on the original "Pikmin 2" sheet.
I have planned to make an updated version of that sheet with ghosts, bosses and the entirety of the grub-dog family.
Mature Bulbmin (if they aren't already on the sheet) will be included too.

EDIT: They aren't. So it seems I'll be making Mature Bulbmin as well.
Oh, and I might make the Beta Bulborbs as well;
In the Pikmin 2 E3 video, three subspecies of Bulborb were shown that never made it into the full game: the Dwarf Blue Bulborb, the Yellow Bulborb and the Dwarf Yellow Bulborb. The latter two may have been adapted to make the Orange Bulborb and the Dwarf Orange Bulborb. Here is the link:

ANOTHER EDIT: I'm not making the Blue Bulborbs. I am making the other two, however.
Works in progress...
Yeah, this is what I've been working on while I've been gone.
Updates: Travis-more sprites.
Dave-now possible to animate.
Leif-more sprites.
Phaed-new WIP, first sprite
took 40 minutes to make...
Music stuff-more guitars, U2 are finished, starting on Prince and the Rolling Stones.
I brought this on myself...
@ Blue
Yeah, fine, but we'll kick you out if you don't update. LOOK AT THE NEWS btw if you are thinking of accusing me of being a hypocrite.
@ Blue
You can't really say anything, Blue. Dfranks and I have been the only updaters for at least the past month if not more.
Happy 200th!
We made it! (We= Afro, yakman, and all of the fans of the AfterSubtract)
@ weeeeeee!!!!! (Guest)
The song is called 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.
Yep, here it is, second in my series of U2-themed sprites, this time it's the guitarist, The Edge. Next up, Adam Clayton.
@ ansen's comment
Damn. BTW, nice sprite.
This is the awesomeness of Yama.
If I visited this comic and had no idea who you were, I would SWEAR that you were a SEGA graphic designer. PURE F**KING AWESOME. Can someone animate them for me?
Can you PM me those alien sprites please? They look cool.
Finished earlier than expected, didn't it? Anyway, next time, Dave will catch up the assasin.
@ crazy koopa and djoing
Probably because it's right...
I think mawile's working on a new comic though.
EDIT: Blue might be as well, though I wouldn't get your hopes up as he's only just remembered that he's actually a part of it.