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@RioBlitzle: I suppose you can, I don't have a problem with it. But people might bug you about it.
My apologies about the lack of updates. My tablet broke down and since it was the worst time possible for both me and Wacom, it took about a month to get it replaced. Then I spent a month testing it out and well I should be back on working on BTAD as much as I can.

Also during that hiatus, BTAD got just over 500 fans, so thanks for that! :D
Welp two pages in 12 hours
Unless I get all of my commissions slots filled this week I should be able to post at least a page a day.
Really sorry about the hiatus. I had a deadline on a big project and I couldn't really work on anything else. I didn't think I'd get a page out today because I just got sick, but I figured I could just finish this one page.

In the next few weeks there should be more updates to make up for I think it was four weeks without updates. Really sorry about this!
I forgot to post last week's page so there will be two pages today.
@Awsomeness: ok? that's cool but this page is like 5 years old... the comic was rebooted like, two years ago lol there is two different categories of pages, an "old bleh story" and one that is marked "issue 1"
Plus a collaborated story
the old story is just kept for archive purposes and for myself, to see my own improvement.

Slowly getting used to this style!
Only 20 pages left! :o I think...
Still a WIP but there's a good chunk of info here so I figured I could post it anyway!
This issue is nearly half complete!
I have some time to post more pages now since I cleared my commission queue!
I'll do the rest of this chapter in this style, I really want to finish this chapter ASAP so I should gain some speed and hopefully do two or three updates each week!!
I might just start doing the next pages in black and white. Whenever I have free time I should post pages in between weekly updates too, so watch out for that!
And new background for the smackjeeves page!
@Guest: Bingo! as for the future team mate thing that is up to him haha
@BlueScales: Nope! Another completely different male leafeon! c:
eeeee i still love the way you drew haruko here asdfghjk
@SpiritPhoenix: Yes, as in horseback riding!