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I really like the style you used in this one!
@Nieidanine: Aw, okay!

Good luck, I love this comic so much. XD

(The way you draw noses makes me happy)

Muwahaa. XD
Yes well....

Are you planning on selling this? I'd like to buy it. : )

Maybe if you start a poll and see how many people opt in, you'll get the motivation!! XD
Hahaha, that Diglette.
@NijiDono: Well your lines are absolutely beautiful!
What type of pen do you use to ink? A nib?
Yay, please keep updating! I have a good feeling about this comic, not to metion I love your style.
You know, I'm going to end up like you, or if we met, you'd be my best friend.

I swear, every comic you've posted is an exact reflection of myself!
(Especially the panties one) When I get old, I'm going to wear a push-up bra so my boobies can curl up in the bottom of them. OwO

And I just got a new kitty, his name is Mac (He's a poop monster that poops more than pooping is possible) and I have another cat (about a year old now, is the cleanest thing in the world!) I like to carry him around and pretend he's a machine gun. : 3
Too bad I live in Florida.D :|
You have to tell me about your adventure, as I've never been to Yaoi-con. : D
my gosh I love your comic so much! I haven't browsed your site much, but I must ask, have you published this? I'd love to buy a copy sometime!
September 4th, 2011
Luke, you better come save your bitch!
August 12th, 2011
You can tell Maize wants to help so many different ways.

(Or maybe it's secretly not maize, maybe it's his evil....masochist twin?)
I want to eat Rasputin. D :
"were," should be "was"

Unless you intended it to read like that. : 3 (It sounds funny to the English speaker)

XD I looove Rasputin!
Rasputin is falling into the depths of M's pants. : 3
Ooooh nooo! Do you have that thing that's been going around in Europe? Don't die. T___T

The site, and this page looks great, btw~
Omg, Rasputin is so damn cute! I want to hug himmm!

I bet that wardrobe leads to NARNIA!
I love M! XD I'd sell him on Ebay and buy him back!
March 27th, 2011
B.E used a masterball!

... ... ... *

Wild 'M,' was caught!
February 3rd, 2011
XDD Big Pizza!