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Unless someone got it before me
August 29th, 2009
haha, ok. I was hoping I wasn't the only one
August 14th, 2009
I simply adore the last two panels (:
and please don't tell me
that I'm the only one who was reminded of the grinch from the last panel?
I feel like backhanding Noel
connor even broke his plate for him
I know they're crazy eyes, but he looks so goddamn sad,
is such a little homo, hahaha. but I did, in fact, lol

Anyway, MISER BELLATRIX! you probably don't remember me, but I remember you (hell, that sounded creepy)
and I'm delighted to see that the comic is going on as great as ever :D
Shittt, I haven't checked up on this in a while
Seems to be doing as good as ever though :3
and as expect, not colouring the pages made absolutely no difference to me. It doesn't affect the story, which I see as the important part
October 15th, 2008
Ugh, you draw way too well for your own good
And you have a great story line to go along with it
All the elements of an awesome story line seem to be present
September 24th, 2008
Your story and art...they are simply great
Nice update, too
And Ren does indeed look a bit older. Was that intentional?
Perhaps so, but I doubt their art and story is as nice as yours ;3
And apparently your best is pretty damn good. No joke

I suppose your right
I was just being selfish, cause I didn't want you to stop colouring >w< x3

Sounds like a plan
I think it should work
Honestly, I wouldn't know if 84 pages is pathetic, because I have no artistic ability, and I don't know how long it takes you to draw the pages, but it looks like a lot of hard work, seriously

I wouldn't mind if you stopped colouring the pages. It's really like a bonus anyway, and although it's nice it isn't necessary. But I'd be happier if you stopped doing wallpapers. Haha

-has no scanner-

What a bunch of pricks. The people who left, I mean
Damn, RDV looks amazing even without colour

Well, good luck
I'd much rather wait a while and have it so you can enjoy drawing your great pictures for us, rather than have frequent updates of pictures that'd you'd probably half-ass an not enjoy drawing anyway
Your story is quite intriguing, and your art is great. It seems hard to find both in one story these days

And for the record, I don't know who said what about your art reminding them of another comic//manga, but your art doesn't remind me of anything. It's very unique, and it gives a good feeling of feeling like you're there