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Heya! You might know me from deviantArt. Though it's highly doubtful as I'm not popular. xD
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SO CUTE. Baby!Zeus is adorable! Don't GROW UP. Ever. :<
Awesome so far! Ren is so cute!
New pages~! It's so cute. I love fangirl mmode. xD

SnnowDrop07, you'll see what she's wearing in the next few pages. :D
The one that kissed her forehead is Zeus. :3
@gsleonard Thantos is a guy. :D

I love Hades. <3
@Tony(Guest) Zeus gets along much better with Poseidon, it's true. But you have to remember in Greek Myths the Gods never feel the same way twice. Like Hera trying to kill Hercules but she tried to help Perseus or someother-seus I don't wuite remember. xD
HABE- Your comment is full of win.

Yay Hades time!
<3 Poseidon!
AH, I'm just hoping you update with the next couple of pages together otherwise the people who comment here will revolt. xD

Aw Poseida! :(

Also, for everyone asking why Delphin didn't attack him- he gets woozy at the sight of blood, I don't think he's a violent person. ;)
I know what's going to happen but still THE SUSPENSE.
My gosh, Delphin's so cute! "Our future Queen" indeed. xD
Aw Delphin
Delphin is adorable. :D
I concur with all the you draw old people well. xD

Can't wait for their next meeting!

Go Poseidon!
I love the perspective in the last panel! Can't wait to order my copy. Checking the new pre-order info we now EMAIL you instead of the guestbook thing?
Aw Delphin
Delphin's so CUTE! I wish he would get a wife too, *hint hint*.
So cute!

Can't wait to order!
New page! Dolphin = cute!
SO great so far! Aw Poseidon! I love him! Especially after the behind the scenes interview I wanted to see more of him and here he is. xD
Thanatos! Or A promise. :D