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Woah....I'm so sorry to hear that, E.J......
@ Rave: I got nothing...

@An: You being a dick to him?? As far as I can see, it was just a joke. He was being a dick to you, more like.
Hey, Rav! XD
Hey, Scorp, looks like the Kit-Kat duo are back again... XD
-huggles Raven-
*counts Ani's 'fucks'* -shrugs-
doesn't add up to 500 for me ._.
lol, wait a minute... Oblivion is a guy?! ._.
Damn you, misleading avatar xD
Seriously couldn't think of a good title ._.
And I need to find a way back to Scorp
Nope, not kidding
It was a bit fun to have him around until what happened 3 comics ago.
And, no, its not mum's line. Her line is "If we gotta go, we gotta go with pride."

This ones mine ^^
Hey, nice ^^

I hate to see this comic end. After all, I've only been here (how long??) for a few weeks, I think ._. *sigh*

Well, it is nice to have Ani back, even if its only to end the comic...
But like I always say,
If we're gonna go, we're gonna go with style.
LOL at Ben's and Rak's face XD

"And, well, its his choice. If he doesn't feel like he wants to be here anymore, then he doesn't have to be. Nobody's forcing anyone to stay or leave."
Scorpia meant:
Good luck Loki. Good bye.Your choice.

And to Aids:
"Yo, chill."
Is that sarcasm I detect in your comment?

Obviously, she DID detect sarcasm, but decided not to say it.
I knew her long enough to understand THAT.

Yeah, Aids *rant mode* comment messed my mind a bit, but I got it now...
Ehehe, I spelled *beat* on the last panel wrong... And yeah, Scorp gave me permission to do this (I mean permisison to show her new weapons) And I will post up my sprites soon =P
@rakshata: Well, the backgrounds were a bit too small and I couldn't keep the mugshots in without overlapping the sprites. So I'll have to use a bigger background next time.

@MGF: Um, okay... =D
My Intro
Hello ^^ This is my intro, and don't call me MGF, please, I hate it D< It's either Green or Heather or anyting else beside MGF... And since there is already an MGF here, right?? It'd be down-right confusing =P
Oh wow, i was accepted?? I'm so flattered!(<-- quote from Axel =D) No, seriously, I'll post up an intro soon (but since I've got this curse of being American meaning school = death right now ._.)
Hi guys =D
The is my Intro =D

@Scorpia: I can use the same sprites right??

Edit: okay, thanks.
Hi guys ^^
This b mah intro

I need to redo this a bit because something went wrong with my comp and mah tail disappeared._.

I like mah R.I.P ability teh best =D
Hi guy!! =D
I'll start updating as soon as I can...
Can I help??
I have some of your sprites...
If you'd tell me the plot, then I'd be happy to help