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I make webcomics for fun but I hope to really make something of it! *_*

I also design t-shirts on redbubble:
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Is it bad I imagine him being voiced by Stanley Tucci? ;w;
Life's been getting in the way a bit. It's been hard to find time to draw funny things for you
To me she sounds like the woman from "Modern Family" :3
I got a new tablet finally! Sorry I haven't updated in awhile but that's why
I just realized why he can't obey. Doy. -facepalm- I'm glad I re-read the pages hahaha
Even if your methods are dubious, I still think you're a nice guy in general Zoshi...just a bit....misguided. <3
Even if what he feels is love his methods are dubious.
This conversation actually happened over AIM

And I was talking about the Bioshock 2 soundtrack
Now it's just a matter of telling my parents "Screw you this is what I want"
No seriously my hands smell like peonies right now O_O
it'll be the best costume ever
And I wanna chase people around walmart too

and here
I'm a huge fan. But I'd like to think my fantasies would reflect reality.
I'm sure
you all know what I'm talking about.
September 1st, 2010
I'm sorry ;-;
Of course it'd be him. He's my favorite :) <3
September 1st, 2010
Sorry brohan
Gotta be honest. A majority of the idiots I have to deal with end up being men. Sorry guys! D: I know you're not all bad D:
I'm a cyborg yes :3

I /like/ robots. But alas I am indeed fleshy.