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Hey I'am Allegra. I play the flute but I wish I played the tuba. I can also play the guitar.
Err i'am into emo and asian guys(who isn't) haha and I like to play soccer.

I love making cool new friends and above all I love to draw!!
She's a maniac she's a maniac!!!
haha ive been on smakejeeves almost everyday. and ive just been waiting for a post. (:

Yes this place brings good memories. I guess I'll put up a new thing of Thursday.(:
um i'll pm you my character. (:
that bitch needs to leave.ha
i like your character. (:
lol. wow. wat a boss.
Lolz. Thursday gets to sit next to her! :D

mhmm I wonder when its my turn...
lol. this is cute. (:
lolz.. nice sense of humor. (:
shes soo cute. (:
haha she is soo cute. XD
mmm she seems liek a cute girl.

I bet Saturday would like her. (:
aww yea. im barely alive on here. XD
yea i know.but cute pic.
haha i agree. and there should be a summer school for it too. XD
oo i like this guy. (:
he seems like Thursday just about.lolzz.

ur welcome. :D u used tissue?!! Thats some crazy beast stuff right there.haha lol.
nice shading it looks smooth
haha yes!!! lolzz haha i can see it now.
hey!! Thats right!!!lolzzz i think everyone wants in. XD
Ja-Ja's sex ed class
haha yeaaaa.lolzzz can't wait!! Ja-Ja should be a teacher!!!!lolzzz
@Avi:lolzzz i likess dat nickname XD i need to give u one.yess beast like a flippin dragon..thing or something.lozl bunny. guess that makes me a squirrel!!

@BK: lolz dont say that word in front of Thursday. He doesnt know what sex means or is. XD
hahaha he just wants the money. I see how Ja-Ja plays
@Panda: lolzz i noticed that. XD
its soo cute. but u gotta have one of those in every collab (:

@BK: lolz we know. XD
and Jabory can have him cuz Thursday is inexperienced with relationships.
crowd: *awwwww
@Avi:lolz no u aren't. ur beast!! but i do think ur funny.haha