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Just an amateur trying to motivate myself to finish something for once.
That was hilariously awesome, thank you.
I like the second panel and how things are fuzzy when they're passing... It makes me squeeX3 First comment also yayyyyy
You draw cars very well though=D

I dont think I can make it, so this may be the last thing idk, I'm not really proud of it anymore and I'm behindXD
Rofl I hate this page. I can't even make a decent page lately though, I think I'm burning out. This is the first time in a while i did Lucius some what right. Well at least his skin this time. I forget to shade itXD
Anyone play Dante's Inferno? Stuff's hilarious.
getting tired alreadyXD;;
I know lady your behind already! Geez!D:< Awesome page though<3
Page 1- Now I can Rest...
I hope you all can read my writing since it's in pencil and all, if not I'll edit it.
Gah I'm rushing an intro page cause I have tons of homework;.;. I can already tell this going to be difficult to manage for meD:
Still my fav pokemanz:<
OMG it's pretty I want her bagD:
I makes me wanna play some pokemon, if only I could find my game....:<
G%Y^$U^EW$NHJ$EJWE!! I didn't know you were posting a comicD: (is slow) Faving now!
This comic is hilarious, it's so great.
January 7th, 2009
Your drawings are awesome=D I like it, keep up the good work!