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This page is blank. NOW LEAVE!!!!! Since there is no point in being here...
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Poor Eggy.. I mean CHAO!
Oh wow! How long did it take to make that?
Well Guess what! The first eggs you find in the chao garden are always normal except with weird faces. So the chao can't be pink. Thanks for the info though.

Glad you like it! :)
It's SUPPOSED to be a normal chao since it came out of a normal egg. Game Master told me to tell you that the chaos chao wasn't allowed. Besides he never asked us if he can have a pink chao. So how are we to know?
Yayz i first comment. Wow must have been nice making panels withour backgrounds.

Oh yeah about the chaos chao, Game Master said it wasn't aloud. I told you what he told me. Plus a pink chao isn't at all like a chaos chao. Though it should have been pnik from a pink egg.
*blink blink* I believe it's called "chao" not "chaos". Had to do that.
Oh well this would have been a nice bonus comic. I really like panel lies and speech bubbles.
Finally! A new person who isn't impatient to hatch the egg.
The chao doesn't have a pompom.
Shoot! It was too early I tell you! Too EARLY! And yes you should have asked if you can tell everyone. You weren't supposed to. Thanks a lot the whole thing is ruined!
please don't make the comics so big they stretch the page!
There seems to be a white space around your egg.
Yay i on casr. Yes Megamax we all knw it's a horrible looking drop of blood.
Nope we restock on eggs.
*looks at Nameo's avatar*
How many people have that avatar?

*looks at comic*
HAHAHAHAHA! What does it say?
....You spelled their wrong. lol.
Peope are goig to be mad at you.
O.k... Btw The Game Master isn't the only one who can be PMed I can too.