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Cammy The Vi
Hello, I'm Vi.

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Notes From Vi:
FTD has a Tumblr page now! =D

It'll only be for bonus art, asks, and other small things for now. So feel free to drop by and bug the cast.


I put up 4 image posts so far. =)

I think this will help keep the comic less cluttered in the future. When I add more art I'll make a post like this and when I update again I'll delete the old one so new comers don't get distracted with all the random images.
Notes From Vi:
I got one of those blue color pencils that aren't supposed to show up in photo copies but as you can see it still shows up on my scanner. Poo. =(

I need to nagg my bf to install photo shop for me! XD

Besides that I also forgot to trace a normal size paper onto the page so the format isn't right. D=

The prince really doesn't like being touched by a hybrid. lol
Notes From Vi:
Sorry if this one's hard to read.

Who here bets they can take Mar on in a fight??

Damn it Mar you still look like a woman to me.
@FuRrY321: The sad thing is he thinks he's being awfully helpful. =C

I'm thankful my weather's at least predictable. Make a snow ball for me next time =3

@wolfmaddness: Snow without the glamour? Poo. I bet it's still a lovely place.

EEP it makes me really happy to read that! Thanks! =D
Notes From Vi:
One of the pens I used to ink dried up soooo mistakes were made!

So during Livings' puberty the tail comes in last. Usually the lower class will save money for a child's puberty to make sure everything grows in, it's like a sweet 16 only instead of a party you get to eat dinner every night. YAY!

Mar's fully developed everywhere else though, ha ha. But having a stunted tail can be enough reason for people to start assuming things.... D=

If you can't read at the bottom it says:

You have so many reasons to be ashamed.

Stop helping....

I've got the winter blues guys so drop me a line here or on tumblr:
I'd feel better if I lived someplace I could make snow men. =(
Notes From Vi:
Had to re-draw the last page, it got into an accident or two. (One involves nail polish!) And mby it's a good opportunity to split the page into two because the original was a bit cramped. *shrug*

I was thinking of making an FTD tumblr for random art and anon asks or whatever. Should I go for it?

Thanks for the New Year wishes you guys!
Notes From Vi:
Lessons were learned. Should have masked off the foreground and painted the background first.... Ughhh.... *head desk*

But yeah, Meer and her reluctant prince on New Years.
I originally wanted them at the beach and I didn't think Meer would own/buy a swim suit so she's just in her under garments.

M' has a slight red glow on her face and the Prince has a blue glow to represent their pixie's respective powers.

Pic on Instagram (looks a bit beter):

Uhmmm what else to say????

Oh, I've lost the last page to this chapter, ha ha! Looking for it now and will scan it in as soon as I do.

Happy New Year!

And when you comment I get an email on my phone so if you ever want an update just nag me and I'll get right on it. ^^'

Christmas, Holiday, Winter,New Year sketch requests anyone?
Re FuRrY321
HA HA It's never too lats so long as I'm suffering from insomnia and coloring a new years illustration atm.

Requests for a seasonal image or sketch special will actually likely be done.

Happy new years!
Notes From Vi:
They make up for that in fashion choices though????

This is likely the last time you'll see a Sonic-style set of eyes. I just wanted to show how his original design differed from his female form.

I love how instead of being scared, he takes a moment to criticize Mar's appearance.


Comments and questions are always welcomed and any ideas on what to do as a Christmas bonus would be great to!
Hobo is the voice of reason, love it!
Notes From Vi:
It actually does hurt a rather lot but because it's also a bit paralyzing there just isn't much one can do.

Oh btw, here's a practice animation doodle of Meer:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Comments are welcome.
Notes From Vi:
Updating early because I'll be gone Saturday. =)

Meer's already forgotten how much the gender spell hut, orrr didn't hurt.

This page took a while and I wish I had time to do it over or at-least color it with Matt's wings providing a powerful glow.

The scribble on the mini scroll is sloppy sloppy but I imagine F-M has chicken scratch handwriting like a doctor.

Questions and comments are always welcome.
Notes From Vi:
Curiosity killed the cat, but since our fox isn't feline he'll risk it.

Ugh so I've decided to just update with line art for now. That way we can actually get this story moving again.

It sucks not having the time to color it, but it sucks even more not updating at all.

If any one wants to color a page or two, feel free to do so and I'll upload it and credit/link you. Just PM me if you need to know anything or get a bigger file.

Lova ya'lls!

The best of intentions always. =) X glitters! How can anything glittery be a threat. And the fox....just seems meh.
I always make sure to read the alt text on the previews.
Awww but team "We were born rich and therefore do not understand your problems" aka team "Vanity" is so pure hearted. lol
At Least X has good intentions!
The fox is vain. X likes to cater to vanity. They make a perfect pair. <3
(X is actually selfless here. D= Protecting the fox's body, mind, and heart at full capacity all the time.)
Lol it's more like character descriptions rather than spoilers. (now that I think of it.) I guess I'm just spoiling names. lol.
Ughhh Matt needs to move on and be less of a cheating jerk.
She should just buy every hat till she finds her wand.