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Hallo there. <3
I'm currently pretty busy with university, so pages will mostly come when I'm procrastinating from homework. Please bear with me. m(_ _)m

Comic Status:

Colour Of Spring: Undergoing plot refinement. It's pretty complex for me. xD;

Kodama: Plot tweaking and sketching out thumbnails for chapter one. 8Db

Rain Dance: My involvement there is secret for now I think? xD
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^ Says it all really. ♥
Oh those last two panels are just too cute. x'D
Pfft, that laugh especially. kjsdhjf Haru you're so adorkable. ♥♥♥♥

And I wish you a happy birthday since it just passed midnight for me. 8D ♥
December 10th, 2009
I just got blown away by Ringo's awesome. *claws way back to bow at your feet* &#9829;
December 6th, 2009
Hahaha, aww poor Haru. Keep going, you can do it! <333 ;3;
Hahaha, Jirou is too cute for words. x'D
'Don't worry, it's not mine' ...pffft.
Ahaha, I think I squeed. Gogogo Kaden~<333
Keep up the great work you guys! <333
October 23rd, 2009

Jeez, I am so much worse than you though... OTL|||
Pfff, oblivious to so many sparkles... for shaaame. x'D
October 16th, 2009
Haha, what an awesome mama. :'D Give your son wonderful guidanceee~ xD
I love her little chibi face... and the 'food' trying to escape. xDD
sakjfhUNF *rubs against Tau's face* <:I <3333

Yah, so, stop drawing them all awesome Vixi, because I'mma getting withdrawal here. :/
September 30th, 2009
LMAO. His mum looks like an awesome person. |D <33
September 22nd, 2009
Oh it's getting quite serious now~ owo
Thank you for your hard work. I love this comic. ;v; <333
September 8th, 2009
Oh me! Pick me!


*punt'd to the farside of the universe*
September 7th, 2009
Aww, poor Ren doesn't get to slap a bitch. ;3;

you are so awesome for working so hard. ;; <3
September 5th, 2009
Oh man, his face in the 3rd panel is just gorgeous. =v= <3
Bahaha, Kie, don't don't make me send Beefcake over and be point out the obvious. <333

Imma be stealing that little chickie, okay? <:I <33
Well who knows what /other/ people saw. ;D

This is so freaking cute~
Wrrrry do you tease with silhouettes? Wrrrryyyyy? TAT </3
Beefcake better not be in there, yo. >:U
The fourth panel just kills me. >':
God, I love Clover's face. |D <333
Gah- spooning is just so cute. ;a; <33