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i'm a manga/video game addict.
i live .. lots of diffrent stuff and coulden't list them all XD
i guess thats it.
lol i love that pikachu gets bigger when he's all seme
oh yes. fabu frankinfurter xDD
O.o i though the one that was going to work was sunny...
oh feel better.
oh my oh my. i can not wate until the book comes out. this page is just .. i don't even know xD
>.< there is no such thing as updating to often
T^T oh my.
lol that's love right there.
yay new page.
have fun moving.
yay finalyyy

woot first comment
dude thats a kick ass job.
XDD been waiting for clover to say this.
can't wate to see how monday reacts
no no don't mind at all.
just happy that the comic hasn't died.
yayy can't wate ^-^

-first comment-

first comment
ahh just amasing XDXD
i think monday may feel a little bad.
he kinda manipulated clover. XD
oh my.
i'v just started this one today.
and it has got to be the funnyest thing i'v ever read XD i lovee it
oh gosh that was soo smexy