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I like to draw. I like movies, but only good ones. I kick butts and take names, mostly.
@Ultizeta: Right? Screw photobucket.
Ha! GOT 'EM!
He sure is a clever gnome.
In this situation, not if your son was at home crying all alone on the bedroom floor cause he's hungry.
Shadowy Figures
Kitty seems to have a lot of trouble with Shadowy Creepy figures. I wonder why...
New Page!?
It's a new page!
Can do, NeonKid!
I'm a pokemariosoniclover lover because of it!
It's uh, been a while...
Here's a comic.
I drew myself into a hole
I need to use fancy camera tricks to make this dude not-too-complicated to keep drawing...
Couldn't just
Make this page all Willy Nilly! I had to really get into it.
Lens Flare!
Lens Flare Everywhere!!!!
Whoa, man. Arms.
So, I had a similar experience once in a dream, where I lost my arms, and then someone was like, "Your arms are fine." AND THEY WERE.
I'm actually proud of the top-down back yard!
@The_Hankerchief: Believe it or not I have never read the Dresden Files. Oh god, do they have a floating eye in that?
Auto-Update Thing!
Hey! That Auto-Updater thing works!
@shadow7127: S Mall? What ever do you mean? ;P fixed. Thank you.
He's like Tywin Lannister!
Doing something different
I'm actually giving myself a little buffer of un-inked comics for this one, which is WAY different for me. So, when I have a spare moment, I'll be sketching out the rest of this chapter.
A New Chapter!
This could be long or short. Haven't decided yet. I have a few jokes written, but not too much else. I'm really just setting up for Chapter 7.