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Stuff. The end.
Obsessions: Shiny Things, The color green, the lucky number 7, geese, and annoying the crap out of peoplez, etc., etc., ect. . . .
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awesome! the action continues
must.. know ... one... last.. request *freaking out*
ALMOST OVER!!!!??!?!!?!!??
it cant be almost over <( im going to miss it. it was, is and always will be one of the best *sniffle* T-T ... Hey!!! i have an idea make another story about the gods like this one (cant let go) *hugging computer* no its not over *sob* T-T we will see this author again right? (probably should have saved this speach for the last panel)
a bandaid? does that even cover the whole wound?
oh god!!!! *shiver* creepy
gasp!!! mortal!!!
unlike me!!! woof!
Mmwahahahahahahahaha!!! season two!!! awesomeness!!!
what does she think he offered???
free at last! free at last! lord all mighty we are free at last!
i wonder what he'll do with that sword? mwahahahahahaha!!! >3
seriously. that is one of the best drawings i have ever seen on smackjeeves *in awe with mouth hanging open* 0-o
yeah!!! yay!!! wat?
yes he should have!!! >.<!!!
or a cookie
(mmm cookie)
best gag strip yet!!! ^-^
oh god. hmmmm ... difference ...ummmm ... difference ... >d *staring intensly with cookie in hand*
(mmm cookie)
@#$%&!!! i cant see one difference! ... oh wait .... nope no difference! *sobbing* i thought i was good that finding differences! >-< ... >-> im the best in my school too .... wait ..... are there any differences???? *suspicious* *munching on cookie suspiciously* (mmm cookie) (DAMMIT!!! stop thinking about cookies!!!) *angry with self* >( 0-o?
nice! ^-^ this comic is da best!!!
of course hades is nice! you people watch to much disney! (stupid hercules crtoon) >=(
the good news is all this will eventually unravel .... right? I'm correct right? you will eventually tell us what's going on, right? ....... please?
it's no wonder why I love this comic
ROFL!!! so ... terribly ... funny! .... can't ... breath!