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Well hello there! The name's Brittney. I'm an amateur cartoonist who specializes in digital art and comics. I haven't been on Smack Jeeves in quite a while but I'm going to try and be more active on here.

I have a strong distaste for sprite comics.
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Hahaha that guy's crazy. :D
Woah I don't believe it I actually finished Vole War.
Silly racist. :D
Do you have to punch the buttons with your fist? XD
Oh I do love camping so. :D
Awesome comic... glad you're making them again! I always wondered what the deal was with Pismo beach. XD
Peppermint is not so nice. D:
Two updates in a night! That's a new record, I think.
General Vole is a hippie. D:
Yayyy! I am glad you're making comics again! :D
Randomly, but I'm gonna start trying to post a new one every week.
This was hilarious! You guys did an awesome job... looking forward to the next issue!
Sure, that would be fine.
There is no end to Choco's humiliation.
Looking forward to your comics again, Mr. A! :D
I hate voles. I hhhhhhate voles.
Brittney made a comic. For once in her life.
I have not updated in forever.