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Bolt 206
Some average guy

doing average things

If you want, you can catch me over at Deviantart:
Always feel like the PMD games make multi-hit moves RIDICULOUSLY strong.
The newest one is any different in that matter; A Braviary could do 50-ish damage with a standard move, then do 40+ damage with Fury Attack... PER HIT.
@Blitz3124: Yeah, but the only flying type move Gyarados can learn is Bounce (not via lvl up).
And it's never been shown actually flying.
Not exactly a shining example of a flying type...
A flying Gyarados?
What prompted that idea?
This is turning into one hell of a first battle...
which is also slightly concerning...
Hey look, a comic page.
mainly wanted to see how quickly I could make one of these... it took me about 3 weeks to finish this... ¦: /
This may the last page I do for this comic as a result...
@Ginchiyo: No one in your team can evolve until mid-game; after you defeat Dialga/ Graduate from the guild.
If the story went on for that long it'd probably be page 1500...
Ouch, looks like he lost a few teeth after THAT punch (at least 5).
Rule 101 of combat: NEVER underestimate your opponent.
aaaaand we're back~

had a good holiday I hope?
Bolt 206
December 22nd, 2012
....well he calmed down faster than I would've thought,
expected some more grumbling at the very least.
1) beat post game on Sky, and last left off trying to get to Guildmaster rank (I could never find references for the exploration badges so I tried making my own).
Bolt 206
December 15th, 2012
(Copied from my dA comment of the same page)
Attempted translation: "You, 'Blue warrior', since he seems to at least listen to you, perhaps to can tell this hot-head to calm down? I can't think straight with his endless ranting."
I'll send you off in a BLAZE OF GLORY!!!
@zenmigawa: "cheesy as hell"? Now I'm wondering what that translation was...
Raioh's gonna need so new digs after this... probably why pokemon don't normally wear clothes in the first place. :/
Guessing speech bubbles are another one of those things that didn't get changed during translation...
w/e, it's a really minor thing.

Also, have you noticed that this comic doesn't get listed when searching for 'Pokemon'?
Nice touches on the debris~
...just to clarify, that's a Donphan getting shocked in the last panel, right?