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Aaaaand I rediscover Hurrocks Fardel. And happy find indeed. Got all caught up and now I'm sad 'cause I want to read more!
His face in panel two is kinda cute XD
Hm, do dragons not use thermals to aid in flight? There would be little to none during the night. Though I guess if he had a good headwind it wouldn't matter.

Thinks look like they're about to get rather interesting for Drake :3
Comment on previous page:

Sorry if I sound ignorant, but I thought that female Dragons were larger than the males? Why is the purple female appearing to be so much smaller than the others if I may ask?
I be liking the logical one! Saying all the things I would if I was in that situation to comment. :3
Okay, that fellow right there? He is adorable, I LOVE the last panel and his grin.

How did she suddenly get his bag? 0.o
Maybe she'll start a fashion trend?
I'm in!
Just discovered your comic, and I'm hooked! I love your style, and the way you create the action scense is almost inspiring. I'm glad I found you, and look forward to the next update!
*laughs heartily at Drake.*
So I guess either animals are not put-off by vampires, or the horses just remember Teddy enough and like him a lot.
I bet you're having a BLAST designing all these dragons X3
LOVE Drake's face X3
The dragon's pose reminds me of a wolf pouncing! Also makes me wish I could draw dragons...
September 15th, 2007
I love Teddy's Dad's little guilty face! X3 Like a child being scolded!
Wow, drake's being sensative. It's kinda cute...

And is crossing the river AT ALL an issue? Like, if there was a bridge would he still not be able to pass over a really strong current? Or is it just wading through that's hard?
Oooh, Drake has nice taste! X3

And why did Joan take off her eyepatch?
Dunno why, but I like Drake's pants. Especially the little strap above his tail.
I think this time he kind of is justified in being snarky.
I took your Nifty Character Test.

I came out as Joan.