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ello thare!!
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    Bob :B ( not really)
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I love how Zeus is all like "wut? @_@" It's all great as usual :D
aww, hades looks so sad D:
*insert dramatic music here*
who could this be?!?! 80
D8 aww! I loved these too so much!!!! but oh well, ON WITH THE STORY!!
I agree with Stephi :] thank you! It's an amazing comic!! X3

I love the third panel X3 it's so sweet~
XD henry knows he likes it~
great page! 8D
I bet his second present is a surprise kiss!! >8D
awww~ X3 he's cute when he's worried~
D: poor hades! having to do that to her :[
hooray for ganging up on eddy XD
awww X3 baby hades is so cute!!
X3 uber cuteness!!
XD lmao that is funny!
XD lol jk ;D -_- I will however hurt you *insert evil laugh here*
XD lmao that's awesome!
Seems like a cute story ^-^
aww poor hades :[