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Chaos TH
Retired Australian sprite comic author. Enjoys video games primarily from the Platforming, Fighting and RPG genres. Still plays Sonic the Hedgehog.

Dusted off this account for commenting purposes. Don't expect comic updates from me, but feel free to peruse the one I left unfinished here. Fair warning: It's pretty bad. But it was fun to make at the time!
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Every single time. Meis are the worst.

Also one of my all time favourite comic artists doing some funny Overwatch strips? I'll be Overwatching this space for sure.

... okay that was an awful reason to dust off an account but you set it up too well. :P That said, keep up the good work, H0ly!
... yeah I dunno why I made that the comment title.

Anyway, I've gotta agree with Reidy here. For what is almost your first comic ever this is brilliant quality. I'm even more impressed by the fact that you're doing this all in PAINT of all things (unless Paint suddenly got layers when I wasn't looking). My very first comics were a mess. But I had fun with 'em anyway. |D;

Another good comic, PT. Keep up the good work, man. And don't worry about one comic a week. Start worrying when it's one comic a year (totally not what happened to me no sir). ^^;
Holy shit what are you doing posting here. WHY DO YOU REMEMBER THIS? :V

But yes. I remember this comic. In fact I still remember the plot I was going to do for this right up until the start of the second act/arc/song and dance number. Such grand plans that never came to be~

... I'll probably never get this thing finished. =_=;
Not bad. Not bad at all!
Looking good so far, PT. Props to you for incorporating those small animations in your panels too. Dunno if I would recommend one per comic but they add a nice touch to the action.

All in all it works well. Nothing is out of place, the background work well and the speech bubbles look nice. Minor grammar mishaps here or there but nothing I can't overlook. I like what I'm seeing here. Keep up the good work, man. ^^
Finally read all of 'em.
My gawd, one of the best comics I've read in a long time, and possibly the best Pokemon one next to Pokemon Adventures. Good job. Even though Atticus is such a jerk I can't help but like the guy, he makes me laugh.

Bonus points for being from England too. I may be an Aussie but you brits aren't all that bad. =P
No Worries.
It's alright Haith, after a year I'm surprised you remember it at all. Also, don't think I have added your new MSN, so I'll do it now. =P

EDIT: Apparantly I have actually. Well that sorts that out. xD

Also, the comic isn't dead again guys, just got a laptop and I was getting used to it/moving over all my stuff from the old computer. I'll get the next comic up soonish methinks.
Yup yup, I said I'd start again, and so I have. I think I remember why I stopped though, I think it was the sheer number of character sprites I had to squeeze into each panel that threw me off. Oh well, it's finished now.

A huge SORRY to those of you who have been waiting for this comic to be updated. I'm lazy, so what do you expect?

I'll try updating a little faster than one a year from now on, kay? xP
Eh, I'm sure other people take less time with their comics. I'm just really slow and lazy. xD;
One more down.
Yup, I mean to make this during the day, but for some reason I wound up starting it a little after midnight. Got it finished by 3 am, whoo! o.O

Anyways, there it is. Enjoy. =P
A spelling mistake? What ho?
... so there is. How'd I miss that? I guess I'll fix it up and update it next time I'm online. =P
Finally done...
Yeah, sorry about the two weeks absence folks. I got carried away playing games among other things, but I finally got up off my ass (although... I was sitting while making it so technically...) and made the next comic.

Other than that, all I really have to add is that I'll make sure to update a little bit more often from now on. I promise. Maybe. =P
I do that sometimes.
Updating I mean. I'll be sure to let you know when I do from now on. =P

And is that the new Metal you're working on in your Av? Looks awesome! =D
I lul'd.
So very hard. xD;

Gorilla God is GO! You sir have won.

And your expressions have become awesome too, I must try to do the same! But we both know I never will. xD;
Likes long walks on the beach...
"WTF kinda data is this?" You sir, have won again. Keep up the awesome. =D
Haith? lol wut?
Yes, it was Haith all along. Who knew? Well, I did I guess. xD;

If anyone has any issues with reading Haith's text, be sure to let me know. Yellow can be one of those problem colours. =P


Haith belongs to Haith of the Sonic Turbine Forums.
It took awhile, but the post office finally did it...
Wow, 20 comics already huh? This looks like it's shaping up to be the longest running comic series I've ever made. My last comic "Chaos Adventure" only made it to 23 comics or so.

The current record belongs to my first comic "The Chaos Comics" at 32 comics. Will Chaos Chronicles take it's crown? Stay tuned to find out!

As for the comic itself, aside from the obvious MGS references in it, there is one that not many people may know about. For those of you on the Turbine, if you see it then feel free to point it out in your post. =P
My computer hates me.
As the title states, my computer hates me. It was being a real pain while I was making this, so it took much longer than it should've. >.<

But here it is. The fight scenes took ages thanks to the afforementioned issues, but you can't argure with the results. ^^
Still in a dream...
It's the joke that YOU wrote. The whole suspicious aura joke wasn't going to be included to begin with, but it came up as you guys tried to figure out who it was. Well done. =P

I decided early on in the planning of this comic that I would include Snake somewhere. And here he is, the legendary cardboard loving soldier. ^^

As you can see, I had to assemble my own Codec, so it's missing a few details. Still gets the job done though.


?Unknown? for making the custom Snake sheet.

Members of the Sonic Turbine forums for inspiring my material. xD
Yeah, here's the next comic. I couldn't think of anything better for the title of the comic, so that's what I came up with.

That is all. =P
Meeeehhhhhh... *faceplant*
Does the dialog seem kinda lazy to you? That's what I get for making comics while I'm half asleep. xD;

Then again, I put far too much into one comic. The next few comics should be focusing on one of the things in particular. ^^