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I LOVE Anime, Manga, choclate, puppies and sunny days! :)
Edward Elric is my fav anime character, then Lady Tsunade! The other anime characters are okay...I am Momoji aka I'm the rabbit in the Zodiac! Sorry if I keep putting ! at the end of each sentence! Some times I can be really apolijetic! Sorry if I spelled that wrong :/
Also sometimes I lie a lot...But I never lie on SmackJeeves =) Here, I'll show u how I sound when I lie: Sup, my name is Rukia Hyuga,I atend a Very rich school called Ouran High, I'm a former Mew Mew and an honurary State Alchemist! I was born in Crystal Tokyo and I live in Konoha, my destiny is to defeat Metos Grande and retreve the crystal that Inuyasha stole! And that was me lying...or was I lying?...The End?
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What else can I say?
Eggs are tasty...:)
Yeah, its Beauty but I got bored so I recolored her hair :p
Happy New Year!
Sorry if I'm sooo late to update! ;_; My laptop broke down... anyway hope you like this comic! Also Sakura is a good example for TGS (Teenage Girl Syndrome)She loves sasuke and pink but I'm not sure if she likes candy
Geuss what Santa got me!
Remeber I said Santa was also gonna get me a suprize?!? Well he got me 2 suprizes:) Suprize number 1: a RUKIA bleach plush! Suprize number 2: Tokyo Mew Mew poster (it's pink and shows all the mew mews and even mini mew! I put it on my wall in my room!
Jingle Bell Rock is my Favourite X mas song!
If you were wondering why I didn't update for so long its because I'm in Poland! We arrived here yesterday ;) Anyways, today in Poland its Christmas Eve, but Santa comes to your door at christmas Eve! I'm getting a camera, Madonna Celebration c.d,Naruto manga volume 39,40 and 41, and The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Slippers! And a Suprize!
Oh wait I already put in bleach! Rukia was in comic one!
Stop it! I want this to be a war free comic!
Here, I'll put Naruto and Bleach in the comic, you know like Ichigo helps Naruto or were there enemy's oh wait thats a good idea! Soul Society vs. Anbu Black opps!
Misa finds out L's real name. Now its time for revenge!
Misa forces L to beg or she'll wright his name in the death note, also Light wrights Edwards name in the death note but just as he's about to run away a FullMetal Alchemist fan girl sneaks up behind him :0

Take a guess who this 'fangirl' is!
Do you guys know about the popular anime Fullmetal panic? Well I'm sure you know about Fullmetal Alchemist! You See Ed's nickname is Fullmetal, and just yesterday I was watching Naruto shippuden then my T.V goes all blury and Fullmetal panic just starts playing!
I'm despart
Please read this comic and like it! You can pertend to like just add to favourites or give full stars on each page. Oh, by the way the cupcake comes with chocie of toppings : )
P.S The zangoose is from the Uchia clan :)
Hey! This was suppose to be my banner but its
too big :( It took me ages seriosly! Hope u like it!
Itachi looks so cute! ;b Its wierd because he is my fav ninja and weasl's are my fav animal.
Naruto looks like pain...Oh well who am I to talk,I'll just shut up.
Did you draw that?
i see........
Your avatar is so cool!
Where did you get thease aswome backarounds?