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likes: pokemon, computer, PS2, swimming
Hobbies: pokemon, computer, PS2, swimming
Occupation: pokemon, computer.... no just kidding...... im still in school

i felt obligated to do that so now that we have the formal stuff out of the way, Wats up yall my names thomas. u can call me tommy. i plan to start making pokemon comics so i hope u enjoy. oh yeah and im also good with recoloring so if u ever need a recoloring job u can ask me.
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theres going to be more. ive only introduced three so far.
well this is the end of the first part which is also the shortest.

The rest will be longer, i just needed to get the introduction part done.

There's six parts in total by the way. at least for now
no kidding. i cant figure it out. good job with the blurring
nice job. very creative
Part of the mystery is him being able to fight. He can't remember anything about himself, but fighting is like instinct to him. It'll be explained on the next page better
Long time since last update
can't really explain why i havent updated for so long, other then i just didn't really feel like make the comic. call it lazyiness or watever. i just cldnt get myself to start working
Well im back from vacation. made these just so i could update
The custom backgrounds are a nice change of pace. Faved bcuz its different and your fire effects look amazing. i wld love to know how u do them
Allright your finally back. i cant w8 to c the next chapter of this story.
Can someone help me with i Keep getting a cloud of white around everything that i blur. is there a way to get rid of it
Ok so i just got hopefully ill be able to do some better effects on this comic than the motion lines. Oh motion lines, how i will miss you. Allright so this will b the last page with crap effects on it
Phew! there finally done.

the normal and flying ones were alrdy made
the water and psychic were made but i changed them a little

the rest r all new. my favorites r the fire, dark, ice, and steel.
The dragon is also cool cause of the giant tail. when i think dragon, i think giant tail so i gave him one.

also they all have fighting for a second type, hence y i didnt make a fighting one
there pretty good.
its the sorrow pokemon when it evolves from high happiness? wtf
yor comic seems pretty good. faved
good job. i like it, and i think that tauros's pre-evo cld definately look like this
so wen he is at lvl 30 u have to give him a water stone?
My favorite pokemon is lucario in case u havent figured that out. im prolly going to make a pg full of lucarios of every type. also i got but dont know how to use it so if anyone can use well i cld use some help
does anybody wanna help teach me how to use its different than regular paint so im confused, helps plz