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That seriously looked more like Golbez though. But it does almost look like the great Exdeath =]

I vote for the third tree >:]
All I remember are the four up top; Terra and Sephiroth (obviously), Cecil and Golbez.
Then at the bottom is Butz/Bartz who made the insult.
Thats all I recognise lol. Anyone else want to fill in the other two?
Now all you need is a sequel in which Kefka comes along and likes the idea of killer trees, and you'll have a Holiday Army of 'em
Made me more famous than I wanted
Hey, there's an empty space where my car is supposed to be parked!!!
Following the intense bridge-battle, Rob discards the conscript outfit for a psi-commando uniform and goes to work on the story-arc alone. Evan, seeking revenge for losing the bet, borrows a Navy SEAL kit and goes hunting.

Needless to say, I expect Rob and Dan will make a retaliation-comic where he gets me cornered, controlled, and thrown to dogs or a grinder. Or worse, slavery...
Lol indeed
Smoke steaming behind the bullet?
Looks like a sniper rifle from Halo then, using these "customised" bullets... Fun!
My Comic =D
I could give you two different versions:
A short plot to relate to the comics, or a long one.

Here's the short:
Bread is standing away from the battle in a Conscript uniform, Rob is betting Me the five bucks about the bridge. And I've gone deaf over the tank and rocket fire.

Long version:
A group of Soviets under the control of Yuri (Rob) were set up for a practise battle against more soviets. Eventually, the battle became more aggressive as live ammunition was put into play and the soviets under Robs command began to follow a clone rather than one of the originals.

Rob and Bread disguise themselves as Conscripts and stand at the rear of the battle from the normal Soviet's side of the river, watching the two armies destroy themselves. Bread stands a short distance away to keep an eye on the sub's; good targets for Tanya.
Rob and I are beside the army, Rob making a bet while I can barely hear.

Eventually, the bridge gives way in 68 seconds (1:08). Rob calls for the 5 bucks and I don't have any on me, so I tell him, disgruntledly, that I owe him it. I'm also bloody pissed off about it too.

Next comic might be my other guest comic; a sequel to this one in a way.
(5 bucks was never really bet, it was simply created for the storyline)