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Thanks for bearing with me guys OTL As most of you know, school has started, hockey has started, everything has started! So I've been busy, along with a lot of people I know.
But I didn't forget about this!! No not one bit! I've been working on a couple of things (I won't mention them now) but they'll pop up soon!!
And please
don't mention how big this file is.
I've had to compress it 3 times.

Now there's going to be the pages that I sketched.
Just warning you; they're all half-assed.

I'll start making proper pages again after I upload all the sketches (:

Ugh okay
I have 6+ pages sketched.
But I'm kinda busy with hockey and school and trying to focus on a group I'm running OTL

So I'll just upload the sketched and (possibly) fix them in the future 8( Again sorry!
Herpa durp. Sorry for the late update.
Still getting used to Manga Studio Debut 4.
/can't draw furniture shit
Okay, just starting this one now >o<;; I'll try and update this (at least) once a week or once every two weeks (since i move houses).