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I love comics and animation, always have. Music is a big part of my life. I also have a degree in philosophy... not sure what to do with that yet...
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Ho ho ho that Glen. What a fuckin' fatty.

I just want to say that, even though I voted for Obama in the last election, I still feel obligated to resent any and all symbols of authority, includign the ones I vote into office (it the punk rock in me I guess). That being said, dudes got some real work to do if he want to KEEP not being George Bush. And Congress, why don't you just go ahead and fail the American people just a little more while your cutting out the public option and force everyone to buy private health care from a already bloated and broken (not to mention horribly corrupt) insurance industry, or be slapped with a ridiculous fine. Oh wait you are already doing that. Well waita beat my cynicism to the punch there boys. Bravo, bravo

The title to this comic is a pun on Prizzy Prizzy Please, an experimental indie noise/ garage punk band from Indiana. If you like stuff your parents wouldn't, you'd probably like them. Here is their myspace:
Yeah, sorry. Maybe next year... but only if you're good.
I do like doing these. Even if I'm forced to them in Gimp. There's something very liberating about doing strips in a photo manipulation program. What ever the reason, I'd like to restate, that I like doing it. This does NOT mean an end to draw strips though. I could never give up putting real pens to real paper.

I know how you guys like links, so as a special treat, I thought I'd share this one: %20Fugazi.mp3

It's 40 minutes of Fugazi stage banter and it's surprisingly listenable. In case it ever crossed your mind that Ian Mackaye might run out of opinions at some point allow this recording to correct you.

Rule #1 of living with Glen, don't mooch off his cigs.
Oh, I can tell those two are going to be getting along just fine already. Hohoho hehehe aaaaaah yeeeeah...

Seeing as the holiday season is fast approaching, I'd like to remind everyone that Noise Pollution Comics does not have ANY merch for sale. None of this non-existent merch can be found in our non-existent store, conveniently located NOWHERE.

Remember, all non-existent orders need to be placed by Nov 2nd, 2213, in order to arrive on time at the address you didn't give me.

Debit and Credit are accepted. (Sorry, no CODs)
Seriously... am I right, or am I right?

This was all done in GIMP, btw. I don't think I want to make a habit of making comics entirely through electronic means, but for what its worth, it was a nice change of pace. I might have to do more in the future.
You are most welcome sir! =)
Good to hear from you again. How's Grad school?
So I've discovered Killing Joke recently, and just in time to learn that they're going into the studio soon to work on a new album (sweat tities!). This is news worthy owing to the fact that my tastes have been leaning more and further towards post-rock in recent weeks and I'm not sure if its because I'm becoming a hipster or if its just a side-effect of the swine flu I managed to contract and subsequently fend off in October. Which ever it is, I’m defiantly seeing more Gang of Four in my future.

NPR has released its list of the top 50 recording of '00 in preparation for the end of the decade. The breath of the list is surprising, as is it's- dare I say- accuracy? Leave it to NPR to put all other such lists to shame. Who says publicly funded programs are a waste of time? Dumbies, that's who! (VH1, if pressed, would most likely be one of these naysayers; owing to the shear number of lists they compile, all of which tend to screw the pooch at their very conception. ‘Cause it doesn’t matter how many lists they make, they can’t force me to agree that Black Sabbath was the best of/at anything. Not possible! FAIL!) Anyway, check out the article here-

The good folks at NPR also published a short article on genre definitions of the '00. Its also pretty good and informative/ well informed, even if reading it will make you loose a little faith my generation as well as those to come. Crabcore is particularly ridiculousness, although I'm willing to wager that the onset of Crunkcore may yet result in a flood of murder-suicide before the year is out. You can read all about it here-

Have a good weekend!
I probably wouldn't have written this stip if weren't for three interloping factors:
1. I have a good friend who's very much into Ani Difranco
2. Ani recently played a show in Green Bay at the Riverside Ballroom (I know right?! Someone other then Motley Crue playing Green Bay! Total shock!)
3. And Finally, s recent interview on Chicago public radio's Sound Opinions. It was a very through and intimate conversation, and made me respect her a lot more as an artist. (Hence Why I wrote a strip about here music. See how that works?)

If you don't know about Sound Opinions yet then you need to clamp on your good listener ears and prepare to come face to face with a impenetrable wall of rock trivia. Jim and Greg know more about rock and its history then anyone else I can name. Check out their pod casts here, they're pretty bitchin'-
(Try not to get brains everywhere when they blow your mind btw ;))

Also, the title of the strip, from a NoBunny song. Remember that guy? I like that guy-
I welcome that mayhem with the utmost anticipation. =)
Wow, hey there. What's up?
Sorta disappeared again for a while there… again Sorry about that. I've been getting ready for the LSAT in Dec, and its really taken priority over updating for the last two weeks or so. It sucks ‘cause I had a couple of great ideas for a Halloween strip too. Just couldn’t got around to committing any of them to paper though. Oh well, maybe next year. I think I'll be able to turn one of the strip ideas in to a Thanksgiving thingy, but we'll have to see.

Btw, Death: For the Whole World to See, TOTALLY worth owning. It pretty much sounds like what might happen if the Stoogies had kinky sex with the Bad Brains. You can check out some of their stuff here:

To wrap things up, I'd like to say thanks to Uncle Fester for the fan art. You can check it out at his and Cousin It's art dump located here =>
It's based on an older strip that I did last year sometime. It defiantly made me chuckle. Thanks again! =D
Yeah I feel like Ive been neglecting her a bit as of late. I'm glad I could think of a joke to include her in some how.

btw, I got your PM. It's totally fine with me if you post that thing you wrote me about. Thanks again. I'm really flattered. =)
No problem. I think you'll like it. They consider themselves meta-punk. I don't know quite what that means, but they sound like a cross between the Pixies and King Missile, so it's a-ok in my book. =)
I'm kinda in love with Kim's new hair cut. Well, hair growth that is. She's let her hair grow out in all directions since the last time we saw her and it sorta makes her looking like something that would fall halfway between a wookie and a ragamuffin. Its a blast to draw btw, so I think the new look is here to stay.

One last thing, the song she quotes is DC comics and Chocolate Milkshakes by Art Brut. You can listen to it here if you fancy to do so or whatev':
That's honestly one of the funniest things I've ever seen posted on smackjeeves (period). I think I might just have to post this on my facebook. Hope you don't mind me lifting your stuff to share with my friends. ;)
I haven't actually listened to Pearl Jam's new album yet, so I have no idea if it good or not, I just found it perplexing that they, above all other 90's rockers, would sign an exclusive contract with a big box store. Say it ain't so Eddy, say it ain't so!

I went to Riot Fest in Chicago on Sat. It was pretty much a bag of red gummy bears (red are my favorite, so that means it was awesome.) I finally got to see Off With their Heads perform; well worth the wait. The pit for Cock Sparrer was surprisingly manageable for being composed of about 83% skin heads, and Fat Mike dressed up like a clown for NOFX's set... which was fitting on a number of levels. My only real complaint is that I missed the Dead Milkmen. But their show sold out even before I bought my ticket for Sat, so what are you gonna do. Besides, if I'm going to do this whole punk rock thing I have to have SOMETHING to bitch and moan about, otherwise people will thing I'm posing... well, I mean, more then they do already.

Hopefully I'll have another strip up for Friday. Stay tuned!
Oh no uncle Fester, its much much worse. I don't remember Disco Stu ever wearing guy liner.

Also, Scott, its good to know some one else is as totally stoked about this as I am. It's honestly, like a dream come true. =D
A lot has happened lately in the music world, and I'm way behind in my reporting on/ interpreting/ distortion of it. Out of everything that happened, this is probably my favorite. You can check out the article for yourself if you want. Take my word for it, its pretty awesome.->

The fact that the Get Up Kids are taking responsibility for their (negative) influence in today music scene totally redeems them in my eyes. I've been saying Fall Out Boy sucks for years, but there is an extra element of cathartic vindication to this assertion now, knowing that a band that FOB claims to be a major influence on them, agrees with me. You can't BUY that type of validation! World:1 Emo:0
September 28th, 2009
She's wearing a HIM shirt. He's probably better off this way.

I really like the patterns Billy's disappointment generates btw. Very intricate. Very pretty. Nice work. =D
The rumors about my death have been greatly exaggerated. Yes its true, I'm back after an impromptu hiatus. I ended up taking a little bit of time off while I was training for my new job. Well... old job really. Its phase two of the census. OH BOY!

(For future reference, when I write in all caps it usually means I'm being sarcastic. It sometimes means I'm actually exited too though. Hmmm... I'll let you mull over which it is.)
LoL! You could say that, yes. =D