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The last panel is quite nice.
I'm sure we will!
We understand. Get better soon!
I like her glowing eyes of DOOM. :D
Awww....So cute.
I like Jordon is panel two, sooo cute!
Now make with the loven'! :D
Lol, I love her eyes...

I feel your pain, I really do. Bitchy mums are the worst.
Cody, stop trying to act all concerned. You fail so badly. Just snog him already.
Now help him feel full! ;D

Love the new look by the way.
Why, yes, yes it is..
David Bowie!

I'd so watch that.

I love the Stephenie Meyer comment. She so would.
OMG! I love this! The characters are so cute. And it's funny! Gah! And it made me hyper..
Keep up the awsomness!
February 23rd, 2009
I love the story line! Can't wait to read more.
January 20th, 2009
Those eyes are striking....
Also, I think it would look better if you did the text and sound effects by hand as well. It jumps out awkwardly and takes away from your art.
Firefly! Great comic, it gave me the giggles. Faved it!
OMG! I'm at the end! I've read the entire Mortifer archive for the last two days and have fallen in love. Your skills have improved so much over the time and I've seen your characters grow and change in ways I would have never thought.
You now have another fangirl on your hands! Congrats! :D
Nag Champa is my incense of choice. My whole apartment has the lingering scent of it. It's great for when I'm stressed and have a deadline closing in.

By the by, this comic is a welcome sight after a hard day at work. Thank you!
I love this comic. And the baby is surprisingly cute. I was thinking more of a talking plant, lol. You take Mpreg to a whole nother level.