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My Cat
So we just got 2 new kittens.

And Willow likes to sit on shoulers.

In this instance.

She is saying no.

To drugs.
November 5th, 2009
Been a while huh guys, Dan's beenbusy getting drunk and working at a bakery to do comics. So here's a brief hello for the first time in a while!
Holy motherfucking (lol) christ.

It has been a WHILE since we updated this site. We've all been busy busy here at the AltF4 HQ

Which is actually just, our houses.

Dan skipped South Africa and moved to sunny Australia, where I met him in real life for the first time, which was nice.

Updates are fleeting because he's sorting shit out, looking for a job etc.

Also I don't know where his Wacom is.

Maybe it's in his left shoe, stuff always ends up there.

I MEANWHILE, have started University :D wheeee.

But yeah, I shall try to get back into the swing of things making a few more comics.
Ahahahaha hell yes, finally a comic from ya.

Don't worry TOO MUCH about updating, I'll do a few things, you focus on getting your ass ready to come down here.

Shitcream was pretty great =D
Hey dudes!

So yeah, as opposed to writing a new strip, which takes effort.

I made one of my old strips into an animated cartoon!

Which took even more effort!

So I thought I'd show that off instead.

And since I'm cheap and do not have $10 to give to smackjeeves to host a .swf

I'm going to have to redirect you to my website, where I hosted the toon.


Enjoy! ^_^
Have you ever been walking down the street, and you see someone maybe over the road or nearby, and you wonder if, because they look a bit like you, they could BE you from the future? Coming back for a holiday in the past? I do. All the time.

I often wonder if I should duck into a side street, so as not to cause a paradox.
I was indeed.
I got a UNICYCLE for christmas. A UNICYCLE! That's pretty wild.

I can so far ride about 15 feet before falling off.

When I master it, I am getting a busking license so I can ride it around and juggle on Queen St. Mall.

I can already juggle damn good by the way.
Anything you draw is your drawing style, unless you're specifically using someone else's

Also this is hilarious IMO.
BASED off a true story. I must admit some of it is fictional.

For example, I NEVER sit on my chair like that, it's really uncomfortable.

And my desk has a shitload more than just a computer on it. But fuck drawing that.

Oh yeah, and Dan's internet is down again. That's why he never updated yesterday.

HOWEVER because we're awesome, and we cheat. I uploaded it for him today, TO THE PAST.

So hit previous and look at it, because you missed it.
Celery can go screw a goat.

Your turn tomorrow!

Christmas comic!
That's because it has so little calories, you burn more energy eating a stick of celery than you gain from eating it.

I quite like how my ponytail tends to flail around and change lengths throughout the comic.

Unfortunately, it doesn't do that in real life.

Fun fact, the colour of my hair tie in my comics directly correlates to the one I'll be wearing while I draw it.

Who would care about that?

Freaks. That's who.
Meh, we'll just alternate for a while and see how things go.

My turn tomorrow!
Yarr, this was kinda inspired by something my little brother said. Hooray for plagarism! Enjoy ^_^
December 15th, 2008
Saw was hilarious =D

And the idea of Saw becoming sexy is even MORE HILARIOUS.

Doncha think?
December 15th, 2008
So yeah, I tended not to mind the whole sexy vampires thing. Frankly it was alright. Spike, Angel, Blade, Vamp from Metal Gear Solid. It was cool because those guys were sexy, AND TOTALLY BADASS. The thought didn't cross my mind.

But Twilight? Do me a favor.
Hey, this graph turned out to be inaccurate.

I'm still awake, it's been 38 hours so far. This is a living hell, nevermind. I will drift off soon.
So yeah. Suffered from a bit of accidental insomnia this weekend, lost track of time and stayed up until 6am, at which point I decided "Shit! if I sleep now I could end up nocturnal". So like a real man I toughed it out throughout the day, trying desperately to stay awake.

Red bull helps. I don't know what I'd do without it.

XKCD is very excellent, without reading it I would never have had the idea to do some sorta graph. Graphs are always interesting ^_^