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Great page! Funny!
Sorry for the wait, but here's the final page of the chapter.
I really like Sloppy Joe's.
Decided not to do any blur/action ziplines on Varet's movement in the first panel. I liked the female form the way it was without it.
Papiers... are exactly what you think they sound like, given the context clues. Just thought I'd give you some reading comprehension practice...

Yes, as I'm hinting out, there's a back-story on that magazine ad clipping, and we'll revisit that later on.
I've been longing for quite some time to get this scene into the story.
Flavored, Ribbed, or Magnum....? Decisions decisions.
In case you don't remember from the last page of the previous chapter, the place's name is "in the Flesh," which is obviously outdated.

Man, can you imagine walking into a strip joint... err gentlemen's club, all excited, only to find out that there are no living entertainers there? That would royally suck.

Hey, you know who I ran into on my last trip to the club over 10 years ago? Ice-T, the rapper/actor (from "Law and Order SVU"). Los Angeles seems like such a small town sometimes.
Wow, it's been a while huh? Well... hopefully some risque panels will make up for my lack of activity.
December 21st, 2009
Are you setting up a threesome scene with brothers or something? Heh heh. You naughty minx!
November 3rd, 2009
If only I could be that picture frame!
Yes! Another piece of fanart by the super-talented TheDarkHell of DA.

This time we have a render of Lt. Luke Johnson, the mysterious guy that no one really knows anything about yet... who is still alive!

On another note, I've decided to revise the script for the next issue after receiving some constructive criticism on the current overall story. Some new ideas came to mind from the reviews so I hope to incorporate and edit the script before I restart. I'll also be working on the next issue of SHELL (on DrunkDuck) first, which is the chapter that pretty much rounds up the primary purpose of that webcomic.

After that, Omega Justice will return.
This piece came from another longtime reader and friend of mine:

Apparently, the ladies really do like Cohen.

In this pic, Dirk Cohen is cosplaying Hijikata of the Shinsengumi from the manga/anime "Gintama," one of my personal favorite series.
September 25th, 2009
Oh man, there are things worse than hangovers when sobering up after all.
September 15th, 2009
Wait... so now that she's had some blood and comes to her senses... her senses tell her that she needs to apologize to Aleks for his being a jerk? I don't get it. Great panels though, Yoko!
September 7th, 2009
Love the blood splattered chin/neck!
very nice, yoko! great work, as always!

It's a good thing Aleks wasn't around when she passed out... Otherwise she would've woken up naked and... I'll stop there.
fanservice of claire please! Bah, who am I kidding... I want fanservice of every female character Yoko draws!
This is a bit of fanart done by my buddy Yumi.

There's a slight delay in Omega Justice pages because I managed to overload myself these past couple of weeks along with turning pages for this chapter into color.

For now, thanks to Yumi for this lovely piece!
August 17th, 2009
This is just the cutest page ever!