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How would it be if you could order up a superhero like a latte? If you could ask that they leave out a bit of melodrama, or maybe add some intrigue for spice? Real Life Fiction is an utterly fictional, somewhat surreal account of real life "What ifs..."
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Thanks! ^_^
Depending on how you count them, this is the 100th page of RLF!
Hey guys! I've overhauled the main RLF site! It should be more user friendly now, and include links to my other comics and artwork.
The Drink
There's several variations of this drink out there, but I call this one Kiki on the Rocks. It's named after a certain internet ferret. ;D To make it, mix Mountain Dew, Pixi Stix, and Pop Rocks together. I also like to add a gummy worm to the bottom, just for style.

You can hear it crackling in someone's stomach from three feet away.
I'm still traveling, so comics will have to be black and white for now. I'll color and letter them properly when I get back.
Apologies for the delay. I have been traveling.
Dwemer=dwarves in Elder Scrolls. Despite being the same height as everyone else. So it's a bit of a riff on that.
Remember, I need guest comics by the end of the month! See the main news page for more info.
To my knowledge there isn't actually a Portal movie in the works. Devious, I say!
What is this 'continuity' thing of which you speak?
Again, I need guest comics for February! See the main news page for details.
Perhaps a wee bit too true to life.
Sorry about the extended delay, folks! Holidays slow things does Skyrim.
Having looked it up, they possess both pink sweat and pink milk! =D The more you knooooow...
The goggles are, of course, a bit of an homage.
She's baaaack!
Sort of! He's Cheesimax, the Lord of the Pies!
Nostalgia Chick can be found
here !
Oh the cubanity! D=
Magical girls aren't what they used to be.