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I no like birds! D: Or Penguins. But I like mice. X3 They cute! >W<
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November 28th, 2011
I believe your hard work turned out great! Very breath taking to see it all. :3
>> I'm one hell of a maid. xD
<3 <3
So cute! <3 Wants! xD I'd take all three and spoil them rotten!
Yeah update. Just noticed how your style has improved greatly over the years. :3
xD I remeber it all now and hear it in my head. I'm gonna be saying that all day. :3 Love it!

Heck yeah. xD
O.o He kinda got human looking feet. xD Sorry, it just made me laugh.
May 14th, 2011
Awsome sauce! xD Kehehe I think I'll start saying that. >> And off to lurking I go again. I comment little. xP
May 11th, 2011
Lavi and Allen! >> -goes back to hiding-
xD Haha, favorite page ever! >>
First time commented I believe and to be on the top. 83 Yeah.
Happy birthday! :3
January 15th, 2011
>> Like the style. xP Gotta learn to read it though since not in english. xD
Mini Giraffes!! <3
I'm with RadicalTrain! >w< I wants one too! So cute!
o_o More. And I just started reading today, xD Bowl problems? Gawd stuid ads that just fit the at the right moment.
December 13th, 2010
Eck! -squeals- Want more more more more! O3O -goes back to lurking after squealing again-
November 26th, 2010
Aw, poor kid. ;_; -goes and hides back into lurking-
November 13th, 2010
Pop goes virginity -3-
Can wait. :3 Understand that life is horrid and treats us like crap. xP
Alrighty. :3 I'll have to catch up after that. I got work coming up to on the 15 when your coming back, lol. Looking forward to seeing it all again. :3
Cute! xD >3 Kehehe. Care bears!
September 29th, 2010
Don't kill your hands yet. >> There's more fans to come.