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yessssss I AM EXCITED
is there anyway you can leave the pages up here and start fresh elsewhere? because if you can i think that might be your best option : )
otherwise, i agree with starting fresh completely
August 18th, 2009
wowowow i could not disagree with theonlooker more - i'm not trying to start anything but what i'm trying to say is i see this comic in a completely different light
i will definitely agree that the art in this comic is superb! the angles, the anatomy, the little details you always pay attention to: it's what immediately drew me to them dudes and i'm really glad i stuck around
but the grittiness of hotaru and eli is what keeps me here - i'm not really big on the sex scenes, not because they're not well done, but really because i just find it kind of awkward to see/watch in general
and none of it has been unnecessary or gratuitous in any way or fashion- each time it's said something more about the character
i hardly categorize this comic as yaoi (and i mean that as a compliment) but more of a story that happens to involve two guys and the shit they go through
it doesn't have to be action, it doesn't have to be craziness and tons of drama (although i would argue that their is a lot of drama already) because what it's based on is that near real grittiness of the characters
i think your character portrayals are SO strong and i love the affection with which you portray these men "living in the gutter and just having sex all the time"
it's sad and it's terrible but you also show your own affection and sweetness for the characters
(i am a bit biased here as i also have a character who is a druggy/another involved heavily with crime but i've really enjoyed seeing a portrayal of characters who aren't sickly sweet or the bl version of badass and just uhhhh tsundere or whatever)
my favorite thing to see in characters is realistic portrayals and i really think you've hit it on the nail in every way - they're believable and i can see this all actually happening (especially with your art) and you can't help but feel some sympathy for their plights

this has turned into a terribly repetitive fucking essay but i've really enjoyed reading this comic and have meant to comment for a while so now is where it's all coming out
i've been looking forward to this chapter for a while too - even though little has happened (at least action wise) we're learning so much about how hotaru views the world without it being boring either
(many comics tend to just have the inner monologue without ANY background actions and i find it interesting to watch his habits and addiction IN action)
ANYWAYS please continue making beautiful art and a wonderful comic!
just discovered this comic
and i must make an exception to comment on this
i love it!
your art communicates things so simply but you have such style and skill behind it all (your fingers! your faces!)
and it's so adult in it's sensibilities (i really don't know how else to put it and sound less retarded i'm sorry)
i feel like so many comics on this site are mmm how do i put it? manga highschool?
and while this is dark i really get the feeling it is dark, gritty, and entirely REAL in a sense that so many other comics lose
while at this point i'm not quite sure what's happening i look forward to piecing it together, and the general sense is just this beautifully weird slice of life i love i love

on just this page: the car! so nicely communicated
and the cross in the last panel and the trees just set the atmosphere SO nicely and make me all the more curious

i really look forward to more updates on this comic!